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Some experts have expressed their concerns about the rapid growth and the unpredictable nature of AI models. However, Microsoft’s head of AI confirms that the company will stay committed to its efforts in this area. If we go a few years back, Microsoft invested $1 billion in artificial intelligence start-up OpenAI and now is only working to enhance this.

Microsoft’s Point of View on Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft, which financial resources and computing power were established through Azure, has now developed GPT4. This is the most powerful language model that OpenAI has ever created, and you can find it under the name ChatGPT – at first sight, just a chatbot.

While some are expressing concerns, Eric Boyd, the corporate vice president of Microsoft AI Platforms, highlighted the huge potential of this technology. According to him, it will enhance human productivity and drive global economic growth. Therefore, he believes that it would be wrong if we just ditch this newly developed technology.

Furthermore, Microsoft integrated GPT4’s strong abilities into its Bing search engine. A few months ago, the company also integrated this advanced technology into the virtual digital assistant – Copilot. This will help with improving existing software products, such as word processing and spreadsheets.

According to Eric Boyd, Microsoft’s focus on AI is not about taking over the world but rather about changing the relationship humans and computers have. More precisely, Microsoft tends to modify traditional interfaces and enable more language-based interactions. As a result, this will help us move on from always relying on keyboards.

Additionally, in response to the concerns about rapid AI development, Boyd acknowledges the expertise of the industry analysts and claims that Microsoft gives serious consideration to their feedback. However, he states that there is no way for doubt or worry as their concerns are distant from the actual work of OpenAI. 

Despite all rumors about AI, Boyd says that the current capabilities of language models like ChatGPT are the future. He argues that their goal is not for AI to take over the world by supporting its claims with the limited abilities of these models, such as only generating text as output.

More so, he is more concerned about the overall AI potential that may worsen the already-existing social issues. Therefore, he believes that it’s crucial to know how to safely and responsibly use AI in different models and apps. 

Is Artificial Intelligence Indeed a Threat to Humanity?

The role of AI has grown in almost every industry. For example, people nowadays implement AI in healthcare, real estate, business communications, manufacturing, and website building. But the usage of AI goes further and becomes part of our every day hobbies, such as streaming content online or gambling. 

Now, there is rarely a streaming platform or a casino that doesn’t use AI to improve its product in one way or another. For example, in countries like the UK, where gambling is a highly competitive industry, the best UK slot casinos embrace AI to improve their recommendation algorithms and predictive models to stay ahead of their competition.

But as Boyd believes, the main worry regarding AI is the potential harm that could arise if the technology is employed inappropriately or if it’s applied to tasks that it’s not suitable for, such as air traffic management. He also adds that there is a high risk of malicious attacks by hackers by implementing malware software in AI algorithms.

Due to this, he says that there must be a certain limit to which AI can be part of our lives and how companies should implement it. For example, you shouldn’t sell your organization’s face recognition software to law enforcement agencies. Also, it would be best if there were different regulatory frameworks and guidelines that would address all AI-related concerns so that you can have more assurance about your safety.

Not only does Boyd emphasizes the importance of regulatory measures and the need to determine where AI is suitable for use, but he also mentions that Microsoft has gained a significant advantage in the competitive landscape of AI breakthroughs. This is because this revolutionary company has leading AI research divisions. 

However, other tech giants like Google also start by establishing AI research divisions and work hard in order to bring AI products to customers. Therefore, there are no signs of slowing down within BigTech. AI only shows more and more powerful signs of growth and advancement, raising the need for educating employees and companies on how to work with it and how to implement it.


By Jim O Brien/CEO

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