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Earlier this year we checked out one of the coolest tech products outside the norm of phones headphones and earbuds to review which was the Twinkly squares multicolour edition. A nice addition to my house and now placed/ nicked by my daughter and resides in her room now and I guess its fine but I had other plans for this, anyway moving on we have another product from the brand which like other products they have are really cool and popular which is the Festoon Outdoor RGB lights.

OK so you might say what is so special here and there is cheaper out there which there is and I have seen them and was about to buy them but like other similar stuff the other half got for the back garden when we moved into and all of them since purchased from local homeware stores etc simply stopped working and this is the end result for everything for all these lights and fancy items including solar lights from these stores they are not built to last, You are about to say how are these and you only have them x amount of time, well the quality of the product is where we start with and compared to others out there it is clearly visible, a similar item for example is 25 euro, less lights thin wire crap housing and the list goes on.. Ohh and NO APP..

As in out last review there is an app for the product and this enables you to take control of the product, not just an out of box plug in or charge and there you are here is our boring white lights and some might flash.. The Festoon RGB lights are customisable and you are in control and you can also give your own input.

One slight bearbug was I could not connect both ends to make one continuous line but I am sure the could come up with a connector, so I had 20 lights each side which had to meet at a certain point for the power supply. However if you have an outdoor socket it works out better, you can use an extension lead from the house if you wish, these are safe to leave outside all year round even if used for seasonal use but they do give the back garden a nice ambiance now and this is something my partner likes along with the ten million ornaments etc in the garden..

Overall a really nice product that is easy to use and set up and not only being able to use outdoors you can use indoors too if you wish check the video below for more and what to expect.

Twinkly key features:

  • The revolutionary computer vision technology recognises how the lights are positioned on your display, allowing for precise animations.
  • You’re in control of every single one of the 20 LEDs; customize your own effects, and share your effects as animated GIF images. You can even draw your own designs using your finger on your smartphone; save them in the app and then play them!
  • The LEDs are equipped with the newest RGB diffused lens, and are specifically designed to intensify the light effects for unbeatable brightness.
  • WiFi connection dual mode: choose between Twinkly’s integrated WiFi network, or connect directly to your home WiFi network. When connected to your home Wi-Fi network, ask your vocal assistant to switch on and off your lights, or to change the colours, effects or brightness of your decoration.
  • Take the stress out of lighting decoration and use the Twinkly app’s decorating guide; follow the simple step by step instructions to position your lights with ease.
  • The Twinkly Grouping feature lets you connect 2 or more Twinkly light sets via the Twinkly app, to create bigger, better and brighter displays.
  • The brand new Generation II Twinkly controller is more powerful than ever. Thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity music sensor, an enhanced stability and the customisable, multi-effect carousel features, this is the smartest Twinkly controller ever.


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