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JOBY – the reference brand for content creator gear that empowers creators and helps uplift their creativity has announced the launch of the new Beamo Reel and Beamo Studio Kits as part of their extensive range of lighting for smartphones and cameras.

Designed to help creators achieve the perfect lighting in any on-the-go or at-home-studio situation, the JOBY Beamo Reel and Beamo Studio Kits will make any video content stand out.
Both products are part of JOBY’s ongoing dedication to empower over 40 million creators worldwide; helping to uplift creativity and provide an ecosystem of products that is simple to operate and capable of creating unconventional content. The Beamo Reel and Beamo Studio Kits are the latest additions to the popular Beamo range that help to light up the content creation process making it easier and more fun. 

The Beamo Studio Kit is JOBY’s one stop YouTube home studio lighting kit. Ideal for anyone looking to start up their own YouTube channel, it contains everything needed – including the Beamo Studio Key Light and Beamo Studio Background Light – to create top quality videos from home.

The built in soft-lens diffusion of the Key Light ensures the best image quality for recording a YouTube video from the comfort of a home studio. It features 10 brightness levels and 3 color temperatures to choose from to match the tones and effects to whatever content is planned. The table stand means the Key Light can be adjusted for use, raising it to the ideal height (68-85cm) as needed. The included phone mount is supported by a flexible GorillaPod Arm for easy angling and framing, and the cold shoes on both the key light and phone mount allow a JOBY Wavo mic to be added to improve audio quality.

Looking for a way to really make videos pop? The Beamo Studio Background Light is a one-of-a-kind addition that allows users to add color to a background without the need for background paper or paint. With 12 colors and 10 brightness levels to choose from, the lighting can be mixed up to create a unique look that reflects any content creator’s style.
Both lights are USB powered making them easy to use anywhere. 

The Beamo Studio Kit is available in various kits:

Beamo Studio Creator Kit: covers all you need to start a channel from your home, including a key light, a color background light and a microphone.
Beamo Studio Deluxe Kit: a one-stop lighting solution for your home video studio including a key light and a color background light to get your channel started.
Beamo Studio Key Light
Beamo Studio Background Light.

The Beamo Reel is designed for content creators who are always on the go. Perfect f

or a travel vlogger filming an action-packed video, or an IRL creator filming a daily routine, this compact and lightweight LED light is great for capturing high-quality footage anywhere, from a smartphone or camera. 

The brightness is controlled by simply twisting the rim of the light whilst vlogging – meaning users no longer have to reach to the back of the LED to guess where the buttons and dial are located. It could not be easier to adjust the lighting during a video thanks to this simple yet effective design.

The ergonomic design fits nicely into your palm for handheld lighting, and the standard ¼” thread on the bottom allows it to connect to any JOBY tripod. In addition, Beamo Reel can be easily mounted to a camera or smartphone clamp thanks to the included cold shoe adapter and it can also stand on the table or on the ground by itself, making it a versatile tool for content creation.

Available in 3 models:

Beamo Reel which produces super soft light with the built-in diffuser and offers three different white color temperature options.
Beamo Reel Color which produces super soft light with the built-in diffuser, offers three different white color temperature options and 12 additional preset RGB colors.
Beamo Reel Creator Kit, an all-in-one kit that includes the PodZilla Medium mobile tripod kit, Wavo Mobile vlogging microphone, and Beamo Reel LED light. This ready-to-vlog bundle stabilizes your phone, captures crispy audio, and provides easy-to-use soft lighting.

JOBY Beamo Reel and Beamo Studio Kit are the newest additions to the successful Beamo Range; the Beamo RingLight 12”, the Beamo RingLight for MagSafe, and the Beamo and Beamo Mini. The perfect integrations to the Beamo lighting suite, these innovative new products will help make any creators lighting goals a reality.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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