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The camera looked and felt solid, slightly heavier than many used before at 220g, which is relevant when connected to a laptop. The kit came with an effective manual private shutter with a USB Type-C port and white light on when the camera is in use. The included Microphone had a Pickup Range of 6m and was not obtrusive in the form of a camera. The camera is quoted as a 4K Real-Time Auto-Tracking webcam.

 Key features:

  •       Camera   Sensor Resolution  4K
  •       Digital Zoom  4x
  •       Field of View  120°
  •       Focal Length  2.02mm
  •       Aperture 2.5
  •       Encoding Format   H.265, H.264, MJPEG
  •       Resolution   4k 30fps, 2k 30fps, 1080P 30fps, 720P 30fps
  •       Image Noise Reduction  2D&3D Digital   noise reduction
  •       Microphone  Electret Microphone  Pickup Range 6m
  •       USB Protocol
  •       Operating System  Windows WIN 10 or above MacOS macOS 10.10 and above


 Compatibility :



Setup and use,

The software is standard in terms of download from  with options for Mac or Windows. This was used on a Windows laptop which resulted in a Microsoft firewall wanting to block the installation and a separate Antivirus package doing similar. ( the software was double-checked, but no instances of any risks were noted rather a compatibility  related to anti-virus software )

The kit works directly from the box by plugging into the USB port on the laptop, but the Coolpotools software allows advanced features in terms of turning the AI  on / off.  This included the  Frame Master (Group and Individual Mode) and Division Master with 4K video conference solutions and a 120-degree Field of View (FOV).


Warranty 1 year


The kit came in a nice packing with the key features displayed on the box. The supplied setup guide was clear and concise, while the manual on testing on a Windows laptop did not allow the downloading of the manuals, the software Coolpotoolsetup download caused 2 separate anti-virus packages to pop warning messages; both were found to be a false alarm which may need the manufacturers to work with the software vendors. The software was easy to set up and use and gave an extra multitude of features.

Typically, many manufacturers use the term AI in their software with little to show what it does.  The AI Huddle Mini light had a WOW feeling to the AI option when tested on the screen to move around the room and attempts to trick the software using the face of a teddy bear; this clearly distinguished the difference and had the faster response time I have seen on other webcams. The audio was surprisingly good, having used it at a distance from the unit on numerous calls.

Overall a pleasure to use; while there are slight niggles on the website, testing of the software and the lack of a carry case if carrying in a laptop bag etc., The AI  4 x Digital Zoom 4K@30fps  Real-Time Auto-Tracking webcam has been the best / fastest camera I have seen to follow the presenter on a call; Group Framing was good with the adjustable microphone pickup with a range of 6m to provide noticeable audio quality.


Video Review 

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