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Boom Collaboration has launched a powerful multi-camera controller designed to put the power of mixing into the hands of anyone, in an easy and intuitive way.

The Boom GOJO transforms live events, court rooms and religious ceremonies, as well as standard video meetings – with a four dimensional joystick to control pan, tilt, zoom and speed functions.

It includes four camera quick select buttons and massive capacity to seamlessly link 255 devices. The GOJO can be used in traditional conference rooms as well as for high performance broadcasts, with an array of connectivity options.

Texas-based Boom Collaboration is spearheaded by founders Fredrik Hörnkvist and Holli Hulett. Created in 2020 the ambitious video conferencing equipment manufacturer has launched a global expansion drive this year including the UK and wider Europe.

Seamless control

Hörnkvist says the GOJO represents the dawning of a new era for multi camera functionality which has often been complex and difficult to operate in the past.

“The Boom GOJO offers the ultimate in camera control with a 4D joystick and LCD display at its heart. Users can easily adjust focus, colour, PTZ and shutter speed with quick-adjust dials and quick buttons to program camera presets and shortcuts. It offers the ultimate camera control for broadcast, live events, auditoriums and traditional conference settings.”

Fredrik Hörnkvist and Holli Hulett

The GOJO seamlessly controls multiple PTZ cameras on a single network making it an intuitive, flexible and superior solution across a host of environments, according to Hulett.

She highlighted: “Boom Collaboration is a relatively new kid on the block and we are all about pushing the boundaries of innovation and ease of use. The GOJO is an ideal solution where more than one camera is needed. That could be government meetings, religious services or other live events – and even conference rooms where multiple angles are required.

Ultimate experience

“Enjoy quick switch control for four cameras with dedicated buttons and control for up to 255 cameras in total. We’re putting the power of mixing control into the hands of anyone with basic knowledge. Additional quick control buttons adjust focus, backlight compensation, red and blue, white balance, pan/tilt speed and zoom speed with ease.”

She concluded: “POE is included too and when paired with our MAGNA 4K PTZ cameras the GOJO ensures the ultimate visual experience. Users can also deploy LAN network control which is a big feature for many organisations and has been one of the primary drivers for lots of initial traction.”

The Boom GOJO offers multiple connectivity options with ports for LAN/PoE, RS232, RS422/RS485 and Tally/Contact. It comes with a three-year warranty and has an RRP of £545.

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