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The last pair of earbuds reviewed from Soundcore was the Liberty 3 pro which was one of my top earbuds at the time for that year and still remain high on the list still today and a pair of earbuds which can be now got fairly cheap which is something you could do if on a budget and when the Liberty 4 arrived I was really interested to see how these would sound coming off the back of the Liberty 3 pro even though the shape and style is different with no wings either. These earbuds however come packed with technology for those into fitness and of course sound which is important but there is much more tech in this pair and are an ideal for those who want to log fitness data which being honest is not me but the tech is there and there is many who will certainly take the company up on thes featured more aligned with smartwatches.

These are stem styled earbuds and look clean and fit well and before you get moving you need to download their app and do the HearID ANC test to get them set up properly for the best quality and they certainly deliver on the ANC aspect. They are comfortable to wear for long spells and will not fall out and once the right tips fitted you are good to go. The ANC is not up with the Liberty pro 3 but still good overall. Rather than having a touch sensitive are here or button these earbuds operate by squeezing them and there is different squeeze forces you could apply but this is down to the individual user to set up.

The fitness aspects of the app are great and they use your mobile phone to set some things up like the calibration for example which you will see in the video review below. As mentioned above these are more targeted at people into fitness however the audio is for everyone but with the fitness element thrown in they offer super value for money.

The app is packed with features and settings and you should explore them all to get the maximum effect out of them, for me all instances not used plus I have so many earbuds into test but I go over what is on these which you will not find on other earbuds, these earbuds would need be in your ears quite a lot to use the full suite of features and get the results you want..

When it comes to sound there is lots on offer and they sound great for the money and overall give other more expensive offerings a run for their money but again not up their with the Liberty Pro 3 however still excellent overall..The sound is in short great loud and punchy with no lag latency no distortion when maxed out and overall just spot on and with the app these deliver excellent value for the money and put it up to the rest that are more expensive, so if you are a fan of the brand and need new earbuds and on a certain budget put these on your list to check out.

The App



  • Crisp, clear sound via ACAA™️ 3.0 Coaxial Acoustic System
  • 360° immersive spatial audio with music and movie modes
  • CloudComfort™️ ear tips for long-lasting comfort
  • All-new heart rate sensor with soundcore app
  • HearID personalized active noise cancelling
  • 9/28 hours of playtime for all-day listening


Video Review

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