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Did you know that Ireland has nearly 300,000 companies? With so many companies competing, it’s crucial to know the right marketing techniques to stand out. How can you design a marketing strategy that can make you shine amongst the competition?

If you’re curious about perfecting your company’s marketing, we’re here to guide you. Read on to learn more about common marketing techniques.

  1. Automation

One of the first things you’ll learn about in modern marketing is marketing automation. Many companies have found ways to automate their marketing, reducing the cost and effort necessary.

Such strategies uses campaigns across several channels that will help lift the burden of marketing from your shoulders. The most common method is automated marketing emails or calls. These are integral for building your audience and communicating with your consumers.

Automation can help you keep your payroll down and get rid of monotonous work that others may not want to do. Look into automated marketing to see how you can simplify your marketing strategy.

  1. AI in Marketing

While you look into marketing automation, you’ll likely come across several techniques that use AI in marketing. These are effective in multiple ways.

One way is customer service marketing. AI chat bots are exceptionally common as tools to discuss issues with customers visiting the site.

Some techniques also use AI tools to develop marketing content. Videos, voice-overs, and even music are all things that AI can handle.

  1. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is vital for any marketing campaign. Often called “online marketing,” digital marketing uses the internet and other digital platforms to market.

These may include a company website, email outreach programs, and similar tools. You should design these around your demographic so you aren’t using tools others won’t interact with. Older demographics are less likely to engage with some forms of social media, for example.

  1. Social Media Marketing

Social media will mix with any digital marketing campaign. For most companies, you’ll find social media marketing indispensable.

Social media focuses on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, and other such areas of the internet. These platforms have a ready-made audience you can communicate with.

  1. Outreach Marketing

Finally, outreach marketing is critical for your modern marketing techniques. An outreach marketing campaign focuses on bringing new customers in.

Some companies focus on servicing the customers you’ve already earned. Doing so is important so you can retain their business, but growing is also vital.

Outreach marketing may also include inbound marketing. Inbound marketing campaigns focus on engagement from the customer, such as with SEO techniques or blogging. You can read more about inbound marketing with this blog from Adobe Experience Cloud.

Mastering Marketing Techniques

Finding the right marketing techniques will require looking at your company and demographic. Research your audience so you know what will most appeal to your consumers. Blend multiple strategies together to create the perfect marketing strategy for your company.

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By Jim O Brien/CEO

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