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The level of technology that the state can afford today largely determines its status in the world. Technological innovations help to improve various spheres of life of the whole society as a whole and each person in particular.

During the pandemic, we suddenly faced the fact that technology has come to the fore: with the help of the Internet, people communicate, study remotely, and work. Well, after the pandemic, people began to pay even more attention to technology, realizing their integral role in everyday life. The higher the level of development of this direction in the country, the more comfortable it is considered to be for life. Well, to make your life even more comfortable, you can now also have fun online at Woo Casino.

Advantages of Countries with Advanced Technologies

And which countries can be called technologically advanced? Those where there is a development and introduction of new technologies on an ongoing basis! The use of advanced knowledge and new technologies has a positive impact on the overall standard of living, economy, and politics in the country.

The use of the Internet, the transition of companies to the digital environment, and the use of new technologies – all accelerate the process of globalization, which has leaped forward recently. The development of technology in certain countries has a positive effect on third-world countries.

And here are a few advantages that are typical for technologically advanced countries:


  1. Low cost of production
  2. An additional incentive for business development
  3. Communication development (transition from offline to online)
  4. The emergence of new jobs
  5. Fighting unemployment
  6. Improving public welfare.

Top 15 Most Technologically Advanced Countries

Years earlier, many states were included in the list of technologically developed countries – sometimes someone breaks ahead, and it happens that the leaders remain unchanged for several years. Various reputable publications or news agencies annually form lists of leading countries according to various criteria, including technological level. We will rely on the rating of the international magazine Global Finance, which once a year forms a rating of states according to the latest indicator.

When compiling its list of technologically advanced countries, Global Finance takes into account several indicators:


  • The indicator of competitiveness in the development of digital technologies
  • Application and speed of introduction of new technological solutions into the economy
  • The country’s ability to create new technologies.

In addition, several more indicators are considered:


  • Percentage of Internet users from the general population
  • Number of people using smartphones
  • The number of 4G or 5G network users.

Top Tech Countries

Taking into account the listed indicators, the index of manufacturability is calculated, and here is the result (Country + index):


  1. Norway (3.68)
  2. Sweden (3.68)
  3. Netherlands (3.68)
  4. Denmark (3.67)
  5. USA (3.65)
  6. Singapore (3.62)
  7. Finland (3.59)
  8. UAE (3.59)
  9. South Korea (3.55)
  10. Hong Kong (3.55)
  11. Switzerland (3.55)
  12. United Kingdom (3.49)
  13. Belgium (3.49)
  14. Canada (3.47)
  15. Australia (3.40).

What Is the Technological Effectiveness of Different Countries of the World?

However, there are other ratings where other countries get into the top ten. Let’s look at which states they are and why they are consistently recognized as the most technologically advanced among the countries of the world.


A country that invariably gets to second or first place in the ratings of technology. There is no doubt that she deserves such a reputation:


  • Such giants of the technological world as Sony, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, and Panasonic are successfully born and work in Japan.
  • Education and science are put first place here, so Japan occupies a leading position in many areas of research.
  • The Japanese demonstrate impressive success in various areas: they create innovative electronics, and cars of the highest quality, build houses resistant to different weather conditions, develop robotics, and contribute to optics or electronics at the world level.
  • The country owns 11 Nobel Prizes in physics, 7 in chemistry, and 5 in physiology and medicine.


America is fighting for the championship with Japan, which invariably remains in the first two positions of any list of leading technological countries.


  • More than 6.7 million people work in the US technology sector.
  • World-famous and sought-after companies: Apple, Google, PayPal, Facebook, Microsoft, Intel or IBM.
  • Silicon Valley in the state of California.
  • Superpower status for achievements in the field of space and military technology.
  • Leading positions in the development of pharmaceuticals, communications, and defense systems for several decades.

South Korea

Back in the 60s, the state was one of the poorest, and today it is among the three countries recognized as owners of the best technologies due to the tangible progress in the development of the economy and the technology sector.


  • South Korea has become the birthplace of many of the world’s largest brands – LG, Samsung, and Hyundai. They successfully compete with American and Japanese giant companies.
  • Samsung is recognized as the second-largest technology company in the world, with a turnover of $174 billion in 2017 alone.
  • The South Korean government supports startups, especially in the field of innovation, robotics, and nanotechnology.
  • South Koreans have the highest Internet speed: the average Internet connection on the territory of the state is three times higher than the level of America.
  • YUK is widely known for its huge gaming community – literally every third resident of the country is connected to a console or computer games.


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