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When you’re an entrepreneur, everything is your job and your responsibility. Even when you delegate, it somehow seems like the mistakes of others are your own and that, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t keep all the reigns in your hands. Now, while no one has solved this problem completely, it’s no secret that technology can help. So, here are the top ten ways to become more tech-savvy as an entrepreneur. 

1. Accept that your learning process will never end

By its nature, technology is always evolving. The problem is that today, it evolves at a much higher pace than ever before. Just think about where AI was one year ago and where it is today. Scary, right? 

You need to keep up with it.

Therefore, you want to allocate a part of your budget for self-improvement. Free learning materials are great, but they can do only so much. Instead, you want to attend events, look for online courses and webinars, and more. 

Reading the right books can help you grasp the fundamentals, but this is just a first step. Also, you need your daily source of information, so subscribe to newsletters dedicated to this topic and follow these blogs. Just embrace that continuous learning is the only way forward.

2. Embrace cloud

Even in this day and age, people fear cloud or avoid going for cloud integration. The critical thing to remember is that, as a tech-savvy entrepreneur, you’re leveraging all this tech to your convenience. There’s nothing more convenient than cloud. 

With cloud-based software, multiple people can collaborate and track progress in real-time. This way, if there are any edits to be made, you can make them once in the mainframe (without having to alter them manually or share an updated version).

Cloud-based storage enables you to access the same data from several different devices. This simplifies digital nomadism and helps you stay in touch with your team even when you’re not at the office. It also presents the only sensible way of leading fully remote teams. 

3. Buy the right hardware

If you’re conducting business in the digital world, your devices are your main tools. So, you can’t be skimpy when making hardware purchases. While a desktop station is great for comfort, especially those coordinating everything remotely, laptops give you more flexibility. So, look for high-end gaming laptops. Instead of just fixating on the cost, look at the ROI instead.

You also want a decent phone. Sure, looking at the camera is a default for many people, but as an entrepreneur, you also want to look at the battery strength, the processor, etc. You need these apps to work without lag, so focus on that.

Of course, your job is not done with two major devices. You also want a decent power bank and a good set of earbuds. 

4. Approach cybersecurity more seriously

The next thing to consider is the importance of cybersecurity. This is something that you have to be far more serious about. As an individual, the loss of private data can lead to a significant problem. It’s nothing short of a disaster for an entrepreneur doing business online. 

You need to start by downloading an antivirus software. While many people have it on their PC, few install it on their mobile devices. Also, you probably want to pay for a premium version.

Next, you should consider getting VPN. This way, you can hide your IP address and protect yourself from cyber (and real-world) attacks. Also, this can allow you to bypass regional restrictions and access all sorts of content (even make work-related price comparisons).

5. Use password manager

As an entrepreneur, you’ll have access to several platforms with the highest level of clearance. This means that losing your password may cause a massive problem for your enterprise. Losing all of them simultaneously, however, will be catastrophic.

To avoid this, you need a more robust password policy, or, better yet, you need a great password manager. This way, you can use a unique password for each platform without forgetting any. 

It’s also much easier to create unique passwords and change them regularly (every 30 or 90 days) without the risk of making a mistake or forgetting something. It’s a hack to help you become smarter with your passwords without even trying. 

6. Learn about digital marketing

You cannot run a modern business without digital marketing, even if you’re not tech-savvy. If you are, on the other hand, you’ll be able to pick a better agency for this job and be more accurate in evaluating their reports. 

The fields that you need to learn about are:


  • SEO


  • PPC


  • Social media marketing


  • Email marketing


  • Influencer marketing


In 2023, none of these can be considered obscure; however, understanding the term and how they function (like how to harness the full power of SEO) is not the same. So, make sure you find some materials to help you get to the bottom of things.

You also want to learn some practical skills, like how to set a digital marketing budget and which KPIs to monitor to see if they (the firm that you’re outsourcing to) have done a great job. 

7. Always focus on user experience

Regardless of your service, you should always emphasize user experience (UX). In one of the previous sections, we’ve mentioned the importance of using technology for convenience. Well, this is exactly what your customer wants, as well.

The problem is that to get there, you need to monitor their customer’s journey and rely on a massive amount of data. Roleplaying is great, but you won’t always be able to put yourself in their shoes.

Instead, you must brainstorm an idea and find the right prototyping tool. This way, you can get the actual data and see how well your ideas perform in practice. Then, you can tweak them and improve upon various factors. 

8. Try new things

Now and then, you’ll be faced with a new tool or a new device. Don’t fear trying it out. Even if it’s free or doesn’t have a free trial period, you can always find a review or a tutorial online. This way, you can determine if it’s worth your time.

You can also take a different approach and check out the cost of a subscription. If you can subscribe for just a month, cancel anytime, and don’t overextend (you have to switch from a platform you already use). 

Another thing to remember is that these platforms are always competing. Just because you’ve picked the right one at the moment, this doesn’t mean that it will remain the best one indefinitely. Don’t be afraid of change; consider the costs of switching your entire operation to a different platform. 

9. Don’t do it on your own

When making your team, surround yourself with tech-minded individuals. If you switch to a different platform and the people around you can’t keep up, the fact that it’s more competitive won’t be enough. Onboarding will take so long, and it will be so expensive that you just won’t be able to handle it for long. 

You can make this a part of your corporate culture. This way, it will be more justifiable to insist on some of these habits during recruitment. 

10. Automate whatever you can

Automation saves time, executes orders more precisely (no risk of human error), and lets you focus on matters that require your attention. 

First, you can easily automate this arduous task with the right email management tool. You can always automate your social media scheduling if you have too many posts to publish on social media. Appointment scheduling is a great way to improve your overall time management.

All in all, some tasks require your attention, and those that take you aware of your core responsibilities. It’s your job to automate the latter. 

Becoming tech-savvy as a 21st-century entrepreneur is a necessity, not a choice

Technology is there to help you out; however, technology is a broad topic. What some may consider a standard toolkit, others would consider high-tech. So, how do you navigate around this? The simplest way is to adopt the mindset of an entrepreneur and acknowledge that if there’s a competitive advantage you can gain through tech, it’s irresponsible to avoid doing so. 

By Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport and Mobile tech. A fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Nokia/Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top ranking,Working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show, Cavan TV and on TRT WORLD. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Security and logisitcs Professional.

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