Do you want to maximise customer experience and enhance productivity in your organisation? The computer telephony integration of Cisco Contact Center and Siebel CRM provides businesses the opportunity to effectively collaborate, communicate, and coordinate with their customers more effectively.

In this blog post, we will examine how companies leverage this technology for improved performance capabilities and optimal productivity. We’ll also take a closer look at how companies from different fields have accelerated business growth through the effective use of Siebel CTI integration.

What is Siebel Integration

Siebel Integration is a crucial aspect in ensuring the seamless flow of data throughout your organisation’s different systems. When integrating the Cisco contact centre with Siebel, the CTI Connector embedded within the communication toolbar makes the process much easier.

Siebel has call and controls for agent states that allow agents to focus on customer interactions without the need to switch between multiple applications. The integration allows for streamlined communication, which ultimately translates to a better overall customer experience.

How Does it Work 

Siebel CTI integration allows for the automatic retrieval of customer data from the company’s CRM system and presents it to the agent in a user-friendly format. This saves time and minimizes errors that may occur when agents manually search for customer data.

Additionally, the integration enables call routing and screen-pop features, automatically connecting agents to the appropriate department based on the customer’s query and can access relevant screen information. Siebel CTI ensures that customer service agents have access to accurate information, resulting in more effective and streamlined interactions with customers.

Benefits of Siebel Integration for Your Business 

Streamlines Operations

Efficiency is crucial in today’s business environment, particularly in contact centres where every moment spent interacting with customers counts. Siebel CTI integration is a valuable asset for contact centres as it saves time. By streamlining operations, businesses can increase productivity, reduce costs, and ultimately enhance the customer experience.

Siebel CTI integration seamlessly integrates various applications, including CRM solutions. This integration ensures that customer data is readily available and a smooth experience is provided to every customer.

Provides Intelligent Routing

Siebel CTI integration is crucial for maximising efficiency and effectiveness in modern contact centres. It uses telephone network data and IVR information to direct each incoming call to the most suitable agent. By implementing the Siebel CTI integration, contact centres can improve the customer experience and increase the rate of resolving issues on the first call. This means no more guessing games or unnecessary transfers.

Facilitates Agent Training

Siebel CTI integration has the ability to monitor agent performance in real time. Managers can easily track calls, allocate resources, and provide instant feedback to agents. This ensures that agents are well-trained and equipped to handle customer interactions seamlessly. 

Additionally, streamlined operations enable contact centres to deliver better customer experiences, which is increasingly becoming a priority for modern businesses.

Key Challenges of Siebel Computer Telephony Integration 


Siebel Computer Telephony Integration presents a significant challenge when it comes to security. As much as it can undoubtedly make things easier and more efficient, it also opens a potential gateway for unauthorised parties to access your system. Take voicemail, for example. If you have an outside phone, anyone willing to take the time to figure out the password and access the mailbox can intercept and listen to messages.

Even with password protection, there’s still a fundamental issue. The system requires message retrieval, which means it’s not airtight. It’s up to companies to work with their IT teams and CTI providers to ensure that strict security protocols are in place to prevent any sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands, making security a key challenge in Siebel CTI implementation.


Integrating Siebel Computer Telephony with existing systems is no easy feat. The level of complexity involved can prove to be quite a challenge. Setting up the system and ensuring that it runs seamlessly takes a significant amount of time and effort. 

The troubleshooting and technical support needed can add to the complexity, which puts more pressure on IT departments. Despite these challenges, Siebel Computer Telephony Integration can enhance business productivity and efficiency, making the effort well worth it.

Choosing the Right Solution for Siebel Integration 

Choosing the right solution for CTI integration is vital to achieving optimal results for your business. It’s important to take a comprehensive approach when making this decision, ensuring that you understand your needs, research the available features, and carefully review integration capabilities. 

Additionally, it’s important to ensure that the solution you choose is scalable and able to grow with your business and that technical support is available to help you through any challenges that may arise. If you need to integrate CTI, b+s connects by Bucher + Suter is the top choice. Their expertise and solutions are unmatched, making them the best option for all your integration needs.


Integration of CISCO Contact Center and Siebel CRM is an excellent way for businesses to maximise productivity and increase operational efficiency. The intelligent routing feature ensures that customer needs are addressed in a timely manner, while the streamlined operation processes reduce overall costs. Additionally, by allowing agents to gain access to customer and product data quickly, it eliminates common frustrations and additional delays.

Implementing this integration can be a daunting task, but by working with knowledgeable and experienced partners like Bucher + Suter you can be certain that your business will have the optimal solution for their contact centre needs. Overall, incorporating Siebel into your contact centre environment is a powerful solution that provides important perks for any organisation looking to increase its customer service effectiveness.


By Jim O Brien/CEO

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