ZHIYUN today announced the launch of the CRANE – M 3S and the WEEBILL 3S, two ultra-portable products that break new ground in the professional stabiliser market and catalyse a new era of dynamic, anytime,anywhere  visual storytelling, unconstrained by equipment weight or crew size. Each new feature on both gimbals – portability, ease-of-use, creative control and performance – has been carefully curated with the intention of liberating the creative process by simplifying the technical aspects of filmmaking for content creators.

The ZHIYUN CRANE – M 3S: portability and wider camera compatibility

ZHIYUN’s CRANE – M 3S is the successor to the popular 2022 Red Dot Product Award winning CRANE M3 and is the perfect vlogging, travel, live streaming and interview companion. The 705 g compact, portable powerhouse sports a higher load-bearing capacity with mainstream full-frame cameras and lens combos than its predecessor and can be used with mobile phones, mirrorless and action cameras. Its dimensions come in at 284.2 mm (w) x 74.5 mm (d) x 163.5 mm(h) and hits the style mark with its monochromatic looks.

Once balanced; keep on shooting 

Users can capture stunning images effortlessly thanks to its Bluetooth shutter functionality that  enables  wireless control of zoom and record with one touch – no more complicated cable connections. Furthermore, its customised two-in-one quick release with plates for each camera model, means that mainstream camera batteries can now be changed without camera assembly or disassembly. And once you have balanced the stabiliser, you won’t need to do it again. Quick installation combines with Power Delivery (PD) fast charging meaning that a full  charge takes  just two hours and a maximum battery life is up to 7.5 hours.

Stunning clarity; ultimate control

Day or night, ZHIYUN’s CRANE – M 3S boasts a tiny, yet powerful built-in bi-colour fill light no bigger than a fingernail. Powered by Lumen Amplifier technology from ZHIYUN, the modular light enables stepless/temperature adjustment and emits up to 1,000 lux brightness; colour temperature 2,700K-5,500K.

Once you have the footage, the 1.22” intuitive touchscreen features an all-new interactive UI that offers easy adjustment of functions for you to adjust and fine-tune that all-important content, effortlessly.

ZHIYUN WEEBILL 3S: Seamless professional filmmaking

Seamless filmmaking was what ZHIYUN had in mind with its launch of its WEEBILL 3S. It weighs 1,054.8 g and comes in at 305 mm (w) x 210 mm (d) x 72.5 mm (h).

With its powerful performance and compatibility with most DSLR and mirrorless cameras on the market as well as mainstream lenses, unleashing the full potential of your favoured camera has never been easier. A tenth generation of algorithms features customisable following and smooth curves based on common shooting scenarios and operating habits, providing a seamless shooting experience every step of the way with unbeatable stability and silky-smooth camera movements.

WEEBILL 3S is compatible with ZHIYUN TRANSMOUNT accessories and the ZY Play App, including: TransMount Follow Focus/Zoom Units; TransMount Image Transmission System; TransMount Transmitter/Receiver; MasterEye Visual Controller VC100 and the ZY Play App features.

Revolutionary portrait switch

An innovative system integrates the local structure on the portrait/landscape modes on the WEEBILL 3S meaning filmmakers can switch between the two modes on the quick-release module, saving time and without having to rebalance the gimbal.

Essential features for extended shooting

Improved sling structure grip for ultimate comfort

ZHIYUN has further innovated and improved the ergonomics of its pioneering  industry-first sling grip. Crafted from skin-friendly materials, its soft hand grip supports  the precise fine-tuning of the wrist angle with a knob, allowing for accurate adaptation to gimbal operating and camera movement habits and one or two handed operation. The extendable sling grip can be adjusted to a two-handed grip mode and allows for left and right tilt adjustments to the direction of the gimbal handle as well as the grip centre of gravity, making low-angle and sling mode shooting effortless.

11.5 hours of uninterrupted operation in static environments. WEEBILL 3S needs just two hours to fully charge using PD fast-charging and offers up to 11.5 hours of shooting with its two 18,650 3.7V Li-ion, 1150m Ah batteries.

1,000 Lux fill light: Like the CRANE – M3 S, WEEBILL 3S comes with Lumen Amplifier technology; the fill light delivers a powerful 1000 Lux light and dual Colour Temperature: 2,600k-5,500K CRI90+, enhancing the light and shadow texture of your shots.


Take control of your filmmaking

The Bluetooth shutter control on the WEEBILL 3S with mainstream camera models, allows for the recording button to start/stop recording or trigger photo-taking functions, to enable a seamless shooting experience.

0.96-inch bilingual (EN/CH) display screen makes perfecting shots in-situ easy. This  feature has shortcuts for motion lapse, V mode, etc meaning your preferred shooting feature is just one touch away. Creative control is further facilitated with the WEEBILL 3S’s control wheel which supports adjusting parameter, focus motor, and gimbal axes, making your perfect shots come to life.

Commenting on the new additions to its iconic WEEBILL and CRANE product ranges; Yilun Liao, CEO, ZHIYUN said:

“The WEEBILL 3S and the CRANE – M 3S with their innovative features, usher in a brand new filmmaking era. combining  ZHIYUN’s WEEBILL 3S with its MOLUS X100 and CRANE-M 3S with M40, for instance, delivers powerful professional cinematic results, and ultimate mobility to film wherever your imagination takes you. ZHIYUN is driven by the belief that filmmaking equipment can be lightweight, convenient but also produce high quality cinematic results. “

The ZHIYUN CRANE – M 3S is available from the ZHIYUN store or Amazon.  Prices are as follows: standard – £299 (gimbal, tripod); combo – £359 (gimbal, tripod, phone clamp, backpack).

The ZHIYUN WEEBILL 3S is available from the ZHIYUN store or Amazon. Prices are as follows: standard £319.00 (gimbal, tripod); combo – £439 (gimbal, tripod, backpack, sling grip, wrist rest).

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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