Equity investor growth 2023

Overview of Private Equity Investment in 2023 

Katten’s 2023 Middle-Market Private Equity Report says that even though there are some hard times with money, private equity investors are still optimistic. They asked 100 people in the US to see how funds can make money and find growth opportunities in the next year.

Financial Services and Technology as Potential Opportunities for Private Equity Investors 

The survey found that dealmakers had different views on the 2023 mergers and acquisitions market. 40% expected no change, 33% expected an increase, and 26% expected a slowdown. However, they all agreed on some potential areas for growth. 54% of people said that the financial services industry has the best chance for success this year. Technology was second with 47%.

In addition, survey participants expressed optimism about the effectiveness of all-equity deals in creating successful deals in the next year

They cited all-stock deals as the most important factor, and most predict an increase in the number of such deals in the future one of the investment is gaining popularity India online casino game among players from around the world and provides an opportunity to earn a return on investment

Benefits of All-Equity Deals for Private Equity Firms in 2023 

Even though it has been a tough year, some investors are still finding good deals in the market. Our clients are also putting up a strong fight to secure deals, even with a cautious approach and outlook. Christopher Atkinson thinks investors are trying very hard even though the market is difficult right now.

Strategies to Unlock Value Amid Global Economic Headwinds 

Today trying to gain an advantage in the limited credit market in any way possible. Before, buyers wanted to be special by getting insurance for their deals. Now almost everyone is doing this. Now, the main goal is to make sure the sale of your home goes through quickly and without any problems. This is even more important because the market isn’t as stable as it used to be.

The private equity market is having a hard time. It is difficult to get enough money for deals and prices for things are going up, which makes it even harder. Interest rates are also getting higher. These challenges are influenced by macroeconomic trends and government policies. Investors may not buy a home because of rules and laws, money worries, and extra research.

Considerations when Investing in Tech with Private Equity Funds in 2023 

David Washburn, co-chair of Katten’s Mergers & Acquisitions/Private Equity practice, stated that although there are obstacles in the M&A industry, middle-market private equity firms have shown resilience in the past. He believes that even in a year of ups and downs, dealmakers with available funds can still find success and complete transactions. This is especially true for those who are willing to take risks by investing in companies with lower valuations, exploring new industries, or using different methods for acquisitions.

Private equity firms mostly have investments in financial services (58%), real estate (48%) and technology (43%)

Because of inflation, they are planning to put their money in more places. They want to invest in making things (50%), taking care of people’s health (46%), insurance (44%) and technology (43%).

How to Make the Most Out of Your Investments with a Professional Advisory Team 

After signing an agreement, two out of three people are more sure that the deal will happen like it was supposed to. 18% of dealmakers are significantly more confident than they were at this time last year. 

Most investors expect the same level of due diligence in the next 12 months as in the previous year

Most people who make deals said that buyers and sellers agree with important parts of the deal. When selling a home, make sure to check that no changes were made without permission. You should also get permission from the government. Double check everything is ready before it closes. This has stayed the same in the last year. This year, they have to do this even more.

Closing Thoughts on Private Equity Investment Opportunities in 2023

Kimberly Smith works at Katten. She said 2022 was a difficult year for companies who buy small businesses and invest in them. Despite economic, regulatory, and geopolitical challenges, investors still moved forward. To be successful in the future, people who make deals will need to consider different ways to finish them. This might involve exploring new deal terms, capital deployment methods, or investment sectors.  


Opportunities for dealmaking still exist, no matter how sponsors decide to adjust to the rapidly changing M&A environment.

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