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This is a reasonably sized device which can be carried around in a  laptop bag and can be connected to a Laptop etc via the ( good quality ) supplied USB A to USB C cable. The construction as expected from Anker is solid with an option to connect on a laptop screen or a tripod as required. The mounting has an angle bracket allowing flexibility in connection. The weight is light to ensure the Laptop screen does not fall over with the weight or can be mounted on a temporary workspace.



  •       Make a Good Impression: The 2K ultra-clear resolution on this Mac Webcam brings sharp clarity to every meeting. Be seen by your peers or impress your boss with your high-quality video calls.
  •       Built-In Privacy Cover: Your privacy is important to us. When not in use, you can slide on the built-in privacy cover to shield yourself from the Mac Webcam’s view.
  •       Versatile Field of View: Adjust how much the Mac webcam can see by choosing the angle of the lens opening. You can pick from 65°, 78°, or 95° via the AnkerWork software to show just your face or include what’s behind you.
  •       Look Nice in Any Light: The larger aperture size captures more light so that even without a ring light in low-light settings, you can still look bright and professional with this computer camera.
  •       AI Noise Cancellation: Specialized dual mics use AI to pick up your voice while simultaneously reducing background noise for crystal-clear audio.


Features continued

The kit comes with a mechanical built-in privacy cover that allows you to block out the camera as required. The physical shutter is a useful feature that allows you to physically cover the camera lens when not in use, preventing unauthorised access to your webcam. However, note that the privacy cover is a mechanical system that only works for the video, not turning off the audio microphone.

 Setup & use:

The setup is easy and requires a Windows laptop reboot and running of the software. Once installed, the AnkerWork Software allows control of the image and adjusts the field of view as required. This supports audio and video input, such as Zoom, Teams Skype, OBS, etc. It is recommended to use the AnkerWork Software but the kit will work without any installation.

Note: it is recommended to use the AnkerWork Software but the kit will work without any additional software.

Without using the AnkerWork Software, Once you plug it into a Windows USB port it will be recognized by your computer automatically. No drivers or software are required but will have limited features in terms of Audio and video options.




The webcam is capable of shooting 2K video at 30 frames per second and has an adjustable field of view. This was compared to the internal integrated camera as a comparison.

Integrated Windows laptop camera

A sample screenshot  was taken using the Windows laptop integrated camera, Note the  picture was distorted and unclear during an MS Teams call test.

Anker  PowerConf C200 Webcam

The same screenshot on the laptop was taken with the Anker webcam, during an MS Teams call test.

 Note the letters are clear and easy to read using the Anker  PowerConf C200 Webcam

Both the integrated camera and the Anker  PowerConf C200 Webcam have been placed the same distance from the picture. The default setting was used for the Anker  PowerConf C200 Webcam which could have been improved further by the additional options within the software.

Warranty 1-year warranty


The Anker  PowerConf C200 Webcam connects easily and works well with its supplied USB C cable. This is a compact device that folds away neatly,  care would have to be taken to ensure damage to the lens when being transported,  as no carry case has been supplied,  the additional software allows traditional features in terms of zoom, rotation changing the hd resolution which may be required if hot spotting and using low-quality broadband. The FOV (field of view) from 65 degrees to 95 degrees allows for multiple people to be on a call and compensation adjusts accordingly to the surroundings

The audio experience when close to the unit works well but lacks the quality when at the distance from the webcam. At techbuzz, we have tried on a few systems in terms  of MS Teams & Google Meet but the documentation does appear as approved for either

The Anker PowerConf C200 webcam has several key features. It has a 2K or 1440p resolution, which brings a good quality picture, It comes with a USB-C to USB-A cable, and a user manual, and can be easily clipped to the top of your desktop monitor.

The webcam is plug-and-play and ready to use right out of the box, but you can tweak the video/audio settings from Anker’s dedicated desktop app which improved the quality of the experience from the above screenshots,

The kit while has many positives & flexible options including, an adjustable FOV 65-95 degree, privacy shutter, and tripod mount, but does not come with a carry case which has the potential of scratching the lens during transport. The Setup is easy and adjustable for different situations or environments.

Overall, the Anker PowerConf C200 webcam is a great option for those looking for a portable budget-friendly and high-quality webcam with several useful features. Another great product from the Anker Family.


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