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Are you a graphic designer who wants to use Adobe Illustrator on a tablet? If that’s the case, it’s crucial to be aware of the best tablets for Adobe Illustrator

This article will discuss how you can use Adobe Illustrator on any tablet. We understand that being a graphic designer or an artist looking to start your artistry career, you must be familiar with the best tool. And Adobe Illustrator is one of them. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Adobe Illustrator Compatibility on a Tablet

Several tablet operating systems, including Android and iOS, are supported by Adobe Illustrator. The tablet’s computing capacity must be adequate for the program to function correctly. 

There are many benefits to using Adobe Illustrator on a tablet, including portability and the ability to sketch more naturally and precisely with a pen. In addition, many devices have touch displays that simplify using the app’s various features.

How to Set Up Adobe Illustrator on a Tablet

It would help if you took a few steps when installing Adobe Illustrator on a tablet to ensure everything goes quickly. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: First, download the program from the Adobe website or your tablet’s app. 

Step 2: When the file is downloaded, you can install it by following the on-screen prompts. 

Note: Not all tablets will automatically be compatible with Adobe Illustrator; you can need to update the tablet’s running system or change some options on the tablet itself. 

You can try several things to fix the download process if you run into problems like warning notices or the program stopping. Follow the tips below:

  • Ensure your device has the necessary specs to run Adobe Illustrator before continuing. 
  • You can also attempt upgrading your tablet’s operating system or restarting the program. 
  • If you still have problems after trying these solutions, you can want to call Adobe’s client help.

Tips for Using Adobe Illustrator on a Tablet

For designers and illustrators seeking more freedom and movement in their process, using Adobe Illustrator on a tablet can be a game changer. Here are some suggestions for customizing apps for a tablet’s touchscreen and pen to get the most out of it:

Tip 1: Use the Stylus for Precision

Most tablets include a pen, allowing a more intuitive and accurate sketching experience. Ensure that the pen’s pressure sensitivity and motion features are enabled in Adobe Illustrator.

Tip 2: Use Touch Gestures

Tablets have touch displays that enable you to communicate with applications using movements. Adobe Illustrator recognizes touch movements such as pinch-to-zoom and two-finger press to erase.

Tip 3: Customize the Workspace

Adobe Illustrator enables you to tailor the UI to your specific requirements. Expanding the sections and symbols will make the desktop more visible to a tablet’s touch screen.

Tip 4: Experiment with Different Brush Settings

Adobe Illustrator includes various tools and parameters that can be tweaked to achieve different effects. Experiment with multiple drawing options to determine which works best with the tablet’s touch screen and pen.

How to Customize Adobe Illustrator Settings on a Tablet 

Adapting Adobe Illustrator to a tablet can streamline your processes and help you produce professional-looking designs and drawings faster. Here is how to adjust Illustrator’s settings so that it works better with a tablet:

  • Enabling Touch Workspace – Adobe Illustrator has a tablet-friendly touch desktop option. Select “Touch” from the “Workspace” option to activate this setting. This will streamline the UI and make it more conducive to fingertip input.


  • Adjusting the Workspace – Adjusting the workspace is vital. Modifying the height of windows, symbols, and toolbars is part of this process. You can designate a dedicated area to maximize your tablet’s display.

Aside from personalizing the environment, Adobe Illustrator has several tools and features that are especially helpful for tablet users. These are some examples:

Adobe Capture 

Adobe Capture is a tablet software that converts photos into vector drawings that can be used in Adobe Illustrator. This is especially helpful for making drawings on the fly.

Live Shapes and Corners

Live forms and angles enable you to make and modify objects quickly on a touch device. Press and drag to draw a shape, then use touch motions to adjust the edges.

Brushes and Pencils 

Adobe Illustrator includes various tools and pens that can be modified to meet your requirements. Experiment with multiple drawing options to determine which works best with the tablet’s touch screen and pen.


Creating beautiful patterns and images in Adobe Illustrator on a tablet can enhance your productivity. You can use a tablet’s touch screen and pen by assuring interoperability, installing the software properly, and tweaking the UI. 

In addition, Adobe Illustrator’s most helpful tools and features, such as strokes and pencils, live forms and edges, and Adobe Capture, make it simple to create drawings and designs that look like an expert drew them.

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