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The Irish gambling scene reaches far back into the annals of the nation’s history. Unlike other countries, the sport of gambling and betting has been present in significant measure. With regulations stretching far back into the 18th century, the horseracing industry has been a hallmark of the sports betting scene. Numerous instances are present when it comes to both on-course and off-course betting. Bookies and sports book arenas with wagering opportunities have long been in place, regulated by various statutes and common law stretching back 300 years.

When it comes to betting, the following Acts govern Ireland:

Betting Acts 1931 to 2015.

Totalisator Act 1929 (as amended).

The Gaming and Lotteries Acts 1956 to 2019.

National Lottery Act 2013.

Finance Act 1975 (as amended).

Finance Act 1992 (as amended).


It can be said that Ireland does not relate much to casinos in a traditional sense. However, the first few years of the 2000s saw the introduction of exclusive membership clubs that offered gambling mechanisms, limited as they were due to local interest. On the other hand, sweepstakes have been a part of Irish gambling history since the early 1900s.

Regarding betting in Ireland, the Betting Act 1931, as amended (Betting Act), which repealed the Betting Act 1926, regulates the bookie industry. The Betting (Amendment) Act 2015 oversees remote and online bookmakers and betting intermediaries. All online bookmakers or betting intermediaries based in Ireland come under the licensing regime under the Betting Act.

The 2019 Gaming and Lotteries Act created a cohesive gaming licensing authority. It ensures that any gaming which does not provide a gaming permit or a gaming license is considered illegal. When it comes to online gambling or sports betting, there are no direct laws. So where do betting apps in Ireland come into play? The Betting Act was amended in 2015 to discuss online betting. It also opened a discussion for the provision of online betting intermediary services. The Act focuses on offering betting/intermediary services by “remote” means, which includes all electronic means. Of course, this also brings in the internet, telephone, and telegraph (whether wireless or not).

It means you can get the best sports betting sites Ireland offers with no hassles if you bet in this region. Read below to know how safe betting in Ireland is for punters.

How to Check a Sports Betting Site if It’s Legal

Before you choose through some of the most exciting and new online betting sites Ireland offers, hang on. You must thoroughly check to ensure the website or app you are playing on is safe. Betting expert Rebecca Martin suggests the following points you can consider when checking out betting apps in Ireland where you want to play. Take a look below: 


  • Recent Licensing Data – Gaelic games have certainly begun to make a mark on mainstream sports. If you are looking at the best betting sites Ireland offers to punters, then make sure to check out the licensing information. Every trustworthy remote or online sports bookie will ensure to provide updated licensing information to wagers.
  • Essential Highlights of their Sportsbook – The key highlights of a sports bookie should ideally find their way on the site. These highlights help punters to make their choice when choosing lucrative games, players, or teams. The information should be unbiased, and you can verify it with predictions and trending demographics available online.
  • Detailed Payout Details – The ability to make transactions without issues or complications is a hallmark of a trustworthy betting website. Check whether the site offers payment methods you can avail of before placing your bets. The platform or app should display all payment details clearly and ensure smooth deposits and withdrawals.
  • Distinct Information on Bookmaker Fees – Every bookmaker has their own set of fees. Avoid sites that try to entrap you with hidden fees and costs on your winnings. A sportsbook app or website should clearly state and explain the breakup of such payments to ensure transparency and honesty.
  • An Regularly Updated Frequently Asked Questions Area – It is natural for punters to have questions about the workings of a particular site. Or they may need aid to solve an issue. That is why an up-to-date FAQ section is of utmost importance. Any Irish sports betting website should include an FAQ space.
  • Information that will help Customers to Contact Support – Customer support, although last on the list, is not at all the least. On the contrary, helpful customer support makes or breaks a betting site or app’s ability to create a loyal user base. To ensure rapid assistance, the site should display contact points such as a phone number, email, live chat, etc.


Best Legal Betting Sites  and Apps in Ireland

Keeping the above pointers in mind, Rebecca Martin has compiled a list of Ireland’s top five betting websites. If you want a safe wagering experience while having lots of fun in your aim to hit the jackpot, then keep reading:



  • 24/7 support
  • Live betting
  • Cash-out

Return: 150%



  • 24/7 support
  • Mobile apps
  • Welcome offers

Return: Bet £10, and get £30 



  • Great bonuses
  • High odds
  • Live streaming

Return: 100% up to €100



  • Great welcome offers
  • Live betting
  • 20+ sports

Return: 100% up to €150



  • High odds
  • Live betting
  • Great payment options

Return: Bet £10 and get £20

You can select a sports bookie from the above betting websites for your requirements. It would help to weigh the pros and cons of choosing a bookie you like. All our recommendations are top sportsbooks that are safe and reliable.

Is It Safe to Bet in Ireland?

Betting in Ireland is an exciting opportunity for sports fans. With laws and statutes in place to protect betting establishments and customers, you can safely bet in Ireland. Irish betting apps have your back if you want to expand your horizons and look at Gaelic sports.

Choose one or as many sportsbooks as you like to place your pets and start wagering now! You can also get updated on the latest regulations to avoid legal snafus. With Rebecca Martin’s top betting choices in Ireland, you can have your pick.

The Future of Sports Betting in Ireland

The history of sports betting in Ireland, starting from horse racing, has left an indelible mark through the generations. The past is a testament to the stronghold sports betting has on Ireland and is predictive of its availability in the future. 

The options are endless, from football, rugby, and traditional Gaelic sports like hurling, Gaelic handball, and rounders. You will also get plenty of chances to bet on large-scale Irish matches and tournaments to get your wagering skill flowing. Betting has never been more entertaining, from the Ryder Cup to the Europa League to the Champions League.

Conclusion – Why You Should Bet on Irish Apps

Betting on Irish sports is as unique an experience as betting on any sport native to a particular place. If you are looking to make your way to some of the betting sites Ireland has on display, navigating through the intricacies of Irish sports betting is vital. 

Looking at the licensing information, safety encryptions that the bookie employs, and the sport itself are some of the things a wagerer must look at before placing their bets. Even the best betting apps Ireland has should be scrutinized to ensure you are comfortable with the terms and conditions offered. And with that, happy betting!

Author’s Bio for Rebecca Martin

Regarding the gambling and sports betting industry, punters must get all the information they can to ensure just and fair bets. To make your life easier, Rebecca Martin, a long-standing veteran of everything related to the industry, is here to offer you the most from her experiences. Partnering with the best betting website, BetZillion, Martin provides a never-before-seen look at the ongoings behind the betting arena. From obscure but incredibly helpful tips and tricks to providing a safe way to bet, Rebecca Martin’s blogs are full of invaluable aids. Read more of her work at BetZillion.


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