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Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience, or NCE, has been around since 2019. Although it was previously only available for Microsoft Azure, it is now expanding also to include Power Platform, Dynamics 365, M365, and Windows 365.

This new product makes it easier to transact with Microsoft as a multi-phase investment that can improve business growth, make licensing more straightforward, and simplify purchase method preferences for customers. 

The primary benefit of NCE is to empower partners and customers to have more choices while also effectively optimizing costs.

Nevertheless, here’s what you should know about Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience.

How NCE Affects Partners

Microsoft NCE has a few significant benefits to offer partners that will enable them to improve customer service.

You can expect an increase in sales agility and customer loyalty. NCE pricing advantages for annual subscriptions will lock in pricing long-term. In addition to this, another benefit for partners is better operational efficiency and cost savings; NCE makes it a lot easier to manage subscriptions with renewal automation. 

NCE also offers more choices for customers with the introduction of monthly term subscriptions to cancel or reduce subscriptions more efficiently at a better price. At the same time, NCE also makes it easier to adopt new add-ons and products separately. 

The Impacts Of NCE On Customers

There are also a number of ways NCE offers customers more flexibility.

Customers can cancel on a monthly basis and manage subscriptions easier as a result. It’s also possible to combine monthly subscriptions with annual subscriptions to make it easier for customers to balance costs. 

Even so, NCE also offers customers more value for commitment by offering better pricing points for annual subscriptions. 

Canceling And Refunds

There is a cancellation policy for all NCE terms offerings; subscriptions must be canceled or downgraded within 72 hours of the first order or subscription renewal. 

A refund is available for cancellations. The refund amount is calculated daily for the 72-hour restriction. But after the 72-hour frame, the cancellations and refund offerings are no longer available. 

Moreover, suspending the subscription will prevent the user from accessing the account while billing continues. 

Reducing Seats During Subscription

You can reduce the seat number on an existing subscription or contract with the same process for cancellations. You will need to minimize seats within a period of 72 hours from the original order or renewal.

New Features

NCE offers a variety of new features like scheduling changes during subscription renewals, automatic seat assignments, auto-renewal options, and so much more. 

When it comes to most Microsoft products and system upgrades and improvements, users can expect improvements that provide benefits. But even so, it’s essential to know what to expect from new changes, mainly when changes include pricing differences and policy adjustments. While pricing increases aim to reflect more value for users, you’ll want to understand pricing plans, cancellation and refund policies, and all the other essential details to get the most out of Microsoft products and services


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