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Earbuds come in all shapes and sizes and we have seen them all covering the biggest range in Ireland. We thought we had seen them all until now.. These are quite different in all aspects including the case and bring a decent presentation too which for me at first gives a great impression.

When we first opened these the case itself was what grabbed my attention and it will grab yours too. But back to the presentation, it is excellent with a nice cover display with plenty of detail and then you remove that to get another presentation inside showing the contents through a plastic cover. Inside then you get the booklets and so on your USB-C cable the tips are in a clear case and then you get a case holder and lanyard strap which overall is a nice decent package as a whole which is great..

But it is the earbuds and case where it is at on an aesthetic look, you have a (3D embossed display) charge reading with numbers and lines and the case lights up and breathes when charging and it just looks cool it is a pity it did not change colours to suit the range of colour options they have which could be implemented with an App which I am sad to report there is not but this is fine they still look super cool in the case and watching them charge up and see the insides which would be for the real techies out there.

The case itself is also different as it does not slide or flip open, the earbuds are housed in the side of the case and drop out which is new and cool and they are solid in there so do not worry about them falling out either.. But in other news this case is one of the best I have seen and how it implements technology with the breathing light and more which you will see in the video review below, I want to see more of this.

The earbuds themselves are also shaped different with a curve on the stem and fit really well in the ears and there is a touch area on each earbud to change things around, there is some features missing here but they have the basics and next thing is you will want to know is how they sound right?

Ok so they have no app to start with and this could have changed things up a gear however it is fine if you just want a pair of earbuds that sound good and just work which is what they do. I am always one to complain about the lack of an app but sometimes this is not required and this is one of those times due to how they sound out of the box.

We have our controls nicely placed on these it must be said with the contour shape of them they are in a spot where your finger will naturally tap so no missing commands when you tap.  You can skip and reverse tracks lower and higher the volume play and pause and manage calls also included is game mode and you have a voice assistant. Calls are pretty decent too with a dual mic and ENC and were fine on my testing.

Overall these are super cool looking earbuds and one thing people ask when you see all new shiny lights and stuff like that is there a compromise well in this case here not really to be fair they sound great decent volume nice bass no tinny sounds or distortion on max volume and in general just good for an out of the box experience.


Video Review

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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