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ZHIYUN, a world leading gimbal brand for filmmakers with cameras and smartphones, will attend NAB 2023 at Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, where it will exclusively preview upcoming camera gimbal products, and exhibit its latest photography lights, including a combination of stabiliser and camera light that creates an efficient, professional shooting solution that enhance convenience and productivity.

The event will also showcase the new MOLUS COB lighting series, the recently launched FIVERAY series of professional lighting, plus other WEEBILL, CRANE and SMOOTH gimbals that are designed for everyone from amateur to professional filmmakers.

ZHIYUN Exclusively Previews WEEBILL 3S & CRANE-M3S

ZHIYUN offers NAB SHOW attendees an exclusive first-look at new professional gimbals WEEBILL 3S and CRANE 3S, which are due to launch this May. The updated design is based on the popular WEEBILL 3, which features the ultra-ergonomic SLING 2.0 grip, convenient built-in microphone and light, plus ZHIYUN’s latest quick-release mechanism. Meanwhile, the CRANE-M3 is a highly portable yet professional gimbal, with strong torque motors and wide compatibility across smartphones, action cameras, compact cameras, and even options for full-frame mirrorless.

For more information in the WEEBILL 3 https://www.zhiyun-tech.com/en/product/detail/617 and CRANE-M3: https://www.zhiyun-tech.com/en/product/detail/479

Discover the Latest ZHIYUN MOLUS Series Professional & Portable COB Lighting

Exhibited for the first time in the United States, the new ZHIYUN MOLUS range includes the portable G60 and X100 COB lighting units, offering a reliable and consistent 60W and 100W professional power output respectively.

As small as a Rubik’s Cube and an ultra-portable 300g, the MOLUS G60 provides initiative controls, an excellent CCT, CRI ≥96 and TLCI ≥97. For added convenience, the G60 can be charged using a DC power adapter or via a USB-PD fast charging.

At just 385g, the MOLUS X100 rivals much heavier cinematic lights with 3881 lux while still imbuing the simplest and most efficient setup. The MOLUS X100 offers excellent CCT, a CRI≥95, and TLCI≥97. On the go content creators can minimise downtime with three ways to power up the light, choosing between the grip battery, DC adapter and the 100W USB-PD fast charging.

Both lights have received excellent reviews from users so far, with comments that the product designs are portable, convenient, powerful and even adorably cute! The MOLUS G60 and X100 are effective at combining practicality and stylish design.

Learn more about the ZHIYUN MOLUS series:

X100: https://www.zhiyun-tech.com/en/product/detail/768

G60: https://www.zhiyun-tech.com/en/product/detail/757

FIVERAY F100 & M40 – Powerful Pocketable Professional Lighting

The palm-sized ZHIYUN FIVERAY M40 360° fill light epitomises stylish simplicity and utility, fits neatly in pockets for transport. This ultra-portable illumination companion for videographers uses DynaVort technology for superior heat dispersion, enabling a compact device without compromising on its 40W power – over 2X that of alternatives. Meanwhile, the FIVERAY F100 is designed for one-handed control and comfort, offering a pro lighting solution without the need for complicated set-up or setting adjustment. Embedded with 5 times more LED chips, F100 gives you ultra-bright output compared to similar-sized lights, reaching 20,708 lux at its 100W maximum power. F100 offers six creative lighting effects that help build up the atmosphere easily when inspiration strikes

Learn more about the ZHIYUN FIVERAY series:

F100: https://www.zhiyun-tech.com/en/product/detail/693

M40: https://www.zhiyun-tech.com/en/product/detail/704

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