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Host Ireland has rebranded as Elio Networks ahead of its launch into the Cork market in April. The connectivity service provider is investing and expanding across Ireland in 2023, with launches in Limerick and in Galway later this year too

Elio Networks worked with Tribe, a Dublin based digital agency, to develop the rebrand.

David Russell, CEO of Elio Networks said: “Host Ireland is 25 years old. It grew out of a hosting business, but the name does not reflect what we do. We believe our new trading name and identity better communicates our goals and aspirations; it demonstrates our complete focus on offering better business connectivity solutions”.

“We worked to develop something clean, confident, and clear, that could be used across multiple jurisdictions. Our ambition isn’t just the Irish market; we want to look at a larger international expansion. We needed a brand and a name that would travel.”

The name is derived from Helios, the mythological sun god.

“If we don’t have the sun, we cannot live. Business cannot trade if it doesn’t have broadband. We are a connectivity and broadband player, but our business is moving towards business connectivity holistically,” Russell says.

Last year Elio Networks was acquired by Digital 9 Infrastructure, an investment business listed on the London Stock Exchange. Elio Networks currently operates its own fixed wireless network across Dublin and provides fibre connectivity globally.

“We believe in putting control back into the hands of our customers. We communicate throughout the install process, provide an install date that works for the customer, and have developed Elio Instant Fibre which is a unique industry product allowing next-day connectivity for customers,” Russell expands.

“We are uniquely positioned to do that because of our wholly-owned network and commitment to build out in urban areas. We want to change how businesses view connectivity.”

Countrywide Roll-Out

Elio Networks is investing and building infrastructure across Cork and is launching there next month. This will be followed by further investment and a launch in Limerick and in Galway before the end of the year.

“After that, we have an eye on international expansion. We believe that what we do, and the control we provide customers, isn’t replicated in many other countries, so we’re in a very good position to expand, backed by Digital 9 Infrastructure,” Russell continued.

“This time next year we will have an All-Ireland presence, servicing businesses across multiple connectivity options. Our focus is on challenging the Irish market, as we believe connectivity can be much better here; then we will look to international expansion.”

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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