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Many of us have more than one device to play with or work on be it at home or in the office but having that second device like a tablet or phone is sat beside you on the table which can get in the way but what if there was a premium product that solved that and kept it out of the way but in a position to use it and the product looks good on your desk? Well here is the answer right here from Benks who have some really nice innovative products and we have test some of these before which you will get a glimpse of in this video or by searching Benks on site.

Boasting a solid aluminum construction and designed to be easily portable, Benks Infinity Basic Pad Stand is the perfect accessory to transform your Pad into an efficient workstation. This foldable stand will keep your Pad secure, offering compatibility with all Pads.

As the company states the solid build of the product alone and design gives this a leap over your typical plastic made offerings on the market and this can not only hold your tablet you can use a phone a phone or tablet if it is small for example or your iPad if you have one which I do not personally own at the minute but that might change yet.

This can swivel from the base and again something you do not see too often and is more a fixed option you tend to find in stores etc and this can also be folded away which means portability again unlike others which are again a fixed alternative and makes it ideal to fit in your travel bag or bring it to your office or even have on your bedside locker giving you easy access to whatever device you may use and for me I could also put my chromebook on it and it remains super stable and another way it can be used and nicely raised and easy to access and use as normal if working on two laptops at a time which can be the case.

Top top it off it allows heat dissipation on the back unlike other stands which would be a solid piece so what is there not to like about this? Check out the video below for more.

Ideally this is for someone who wants to have clean desk who uses more than one device and have them at hand to do other things on another device such as social media emails and more and do it in style.


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