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Developing a winning trade in a brokerage platform is very crucial. A winning trade often requires a lot of planning that goes into it. Experienced traders will find it easy, but the forex market has both beginners and professionals. And every experienced trader was once a beginner. For beginning traders, an account manager often helps in finding out what is the winning trade for you. LiteGraphs has a wonderful collection of experienced account managers who are ready to help you accelerate in your trading journey. LiteGraphs review has been quite positive regarding the guidance provided by the account managers. 

Selecting the right trading plan – can be done by yourself too. If you want to be guided by professionals in making the trading plan with you, LiteGraphs is the perfect brokerage platform for your needs, if you are looking for mentorship as you build your own trading plan. 

Making your own successful trading plan with LiteGraphs

Making your own training plan is everything that you need to do to get started with Forex trading. Here are the top five steps that you should follow in order to make your own successful trading plan:



  1. Get an understanding of your trading goals: Your trading goals are very important. Not only do they help you to understand how you want to reach your ambition, but it also decides the process of how you’re going to do it. Using the SMART method for goal alignment can be crucial in deciding your goals.
  2. Know your trading style: Your trading style will help you to find out if you’re a long term, short term or medium-term trader. Moreover, if you are having an understanding of how you trade, you can also find out if you’re a bull or a beer in the market. Understanding your trading style would also be aligned with the capital that you have in order to enter the market. 
  3. Find a mentor: Finding a mentor while you are in your trading journey is very crucial. Now, if you’re looking forward to having a mentor, then, LiteGraphs is the perfect place for you. The account manager is always ready to help you out, their mentorship program has been very fruitful as per the review too.
  4. Analyze the market movements carefully: While you’re deciding to create a trading plan, it is very crucial that you analyze the market movements too. Analyzing them does not only mean tracking it, but also to go deeper into what could be the potential reason for a particular price change. Price action Theory becomes very crucial while they are going ahead and deciding your own trading plan.
  5. Know how much you can risk it: Risk tolerance is very crucial when it comes to trading in any market. Understand your risk-taking ability and the capacity to which you can take the hit. A clarity on the same will only make things simpler for you!

Bottom line

The right brokerage platform will help you to be an independent trader. LiteGraphs ensures that the clients are not only capable of trading their best, by putting their best foot forward – but are given the best features for them to make the right trading move. Sign up with them right now to experience the best trading journey. 

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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