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Twitter has undergone some serious changes after Elon Musk took over the social media app. A lot of users on the app are questioning whether these changes are really worth the money. Be it the new Twitter Blue or the updated prices, Twitter is definitely changing its approach. There have been some seriously mixed reactions to the changes made to the Twitter app.

ExpressVPN’s research states that many Twitter might end up losing followers after the recent changes made to the social media platform. If we take a look at predictions, Twitter may lose up to 33 million users globally by 2024. Not only that, there is a considerable risk of Twitter losing 6% of its current US users by the end of 2023. The company has also laid off a huge number of employees recently. With the future of Twitter being rocky, let’s see whether Twitter Blue will be a saving grace for the social media app or not.

How Twitter Changed After Elon Musk Took Over?

After the recent acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk, the social media app has gone through some serious changes. Be it the sudden layoffs of a vast number of employees, or the introduction of a premium version, Twitter is for sure changing. The most exciting change to Twitter has to be the introduction of Twitter Blue, a premium version of Twitter for users. 

The paid service allows users to access a blue tick, and the feature even provides a gold tick for businesses and brands. But the question remains, is Twitter Blue worth the money?

Is Twitter Blue Worth It?

Elon Musk took over Twitter in October 2022, and the platform has been undergoing constant changes since then. Twitter Blue launched soon after, allowing users to get a verified tick for a monthly subscription. To access Twitter Blue, users have to pay a price of 11 USD for iOS or Android devices and 8 USD to access Twitter Blue on a PC.

Before we discuss if Twitter Blue is worth the money or not, we will have to see the perks that it offers. Other than providing Blue or Gold ticks to a profile, Twitter Blue also allows users to edit their tweets after posting them. Additionally, users can undo tweets, bookmark folders, access top articles, upload longer videos, customize the Twitter interface, and upload an NFT profile picture. 

Twitter Blue might be useful for brands and creator account with a huge following. However, the feature is not very useful for people who are not very active on the social media app. Most perks on Twitter Blue simply help users customize the look of their profile or allow users the feature to edit their content after posting it. It can be said the feature is only worth it if you use Twitter heavily and have a huge following to cater to.


It can not be denied that Twitter Blue has been getting some positive reviews ever since its launch. However, many users are avoiding getting the service for themselves as the prices are too high. Even if the feature is worth the money, most users do not need to get a blue tick just to access some perks on the social media platform. 

Twitter Blue might be an interesting feature for businesses; however, brands are also not very keen on spending money to access the selected perks they might be able to avail through Twitter Blue. Still, the feature is quite new, and users have yet to decide whether they want to pay the price to access the features that Twitter Blue offers. 

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