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Many people are eliminating paying for cable service from their budgets as the price of cable rises and more people start to be frugal with their spending. You might be concerned about missing out on your favourite TV series and movies before deciding to quit cable. No need to worry; there are really a number of cable substitutes that will keep you entertained at a reasonable price.

According to CrazyStreamers, the following are the best and popular streaming services of for UK audience, i.e. BBC iPlayer, Netflix And Hulu, SlingTV, Kodi, Playstation Vue, HD Antennas


BBC iPlayer 

The BBC iPlayer is a fantastic resource for streaming BBC-only content. Several users, however, have expressed dissatisfaction over the fact that it can only be used within the UK, leaving them without service while they are on the road. But, thanks to current technology, there are some services that let viewers anywhere in the globe see content that is only available in certain countries.


As a fantastic cable replacement, Kodi is gradually gaining acceptance on a global scale. Using several plug-in sources, this free application offers users a method to stream movies, TV shows, and other sorts of media. Almost any piece of media that exists can be searched for and viewed on a computer, TV, game console, or mobile device.

Sling TV

One of the streaming alternatives that can take the place of cable is SlingTV. These services are the priciest alternatives to cable, yet they are still less expensive than the majority of significant cable providers.

Via an Internet connection, these streaming services offer live channels that are broadcast in real time. A comprehensive list of well-known channels, including ESPN, CNN, and many others, is offered by SlingTV.

Playstation Vue

One of the most recent streaming services to hit the market is Playstation Vue. Playstation Vue offers a wide variety of shows including Nickelodeon and USA, just like other rival providers like SlingTV. Similar to a regular DVR box, this service also enables customers to record specific programmes on their Playstation system.

Netflix And Hulu

These well-known subscription services are probably already familiar to you. For television episodes and movies, thousands of customers use Netflix and Hulu. There are benefits to each of these premium subscriptions. In addition to providing a variety of movies and television programmes.

Netflix has started to create its own successful programmes, such Daredevil and Stranger Things. The day after they air, Hulu typically has television series available. Both services are good cable replacements and are fairly priced.

HD Antennas

Although they may be the least expensive choice, antennas offer the fewest channels. Because antenna transmissions can be impacted by weather, tree branches, and other natural factors, this approach is also the least dependable.

For individuals who just want basic local channels in HD quality, an HD antenna is a fantastic option. This is ideal for houses without internet access in remote areas. Each retailer that sells electronics will have one of these antennas available.

Best VPN service available outside the UK

But these services are available in the United Kingdom only, what if you are not available in the UK or reside outside the UK? Then you don’t have to worry because we are going to give you a solution regarding your query.

When a service is unavailable directly in the UK, some of the best vpn providers recommend using a VPN to access it like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, Surfshark, CyberGhost, Private Internet Access, PrivateVPN, AtlasVPN.


For British expats, we recommend no. 1! Best VPN for accessing UK content from both within and outside the UK, works with the majority of UK and foreign TV streaming services, including BBC iPlayer, Netflix, and SkyGo comes with a 30-day money-back warranty.


A good option for streaming UK TV from afar. Experienced service provider with an excellent reputation for security and privacy works with the majority of major streaming services


The most cost-effective choice for accessing British TV overseas. A provider of no logs with strong security measures and no connection cap.


Suitable for beginners. Strong privacy protections and appropriate streaming content for British expats.

Private Internet Access

Good privacy features and quick connection speeds. Functions with a number of British TV providers, including iPlayer.


A rapidly connecting service that is growing in popularity. Good for internet privacy and streaming.

There are 7 best streaming services that provide their services in the UK. 

Avoid getting sucked into the streaming battles by arming yourself with the knowledge needed to select the top UK streaming services! What you need to know to pick the finest streaming service as the on-demand movie market gets extremely saturated.

Be at ease, though! Being a true streaming enthusiast for years, we took it upon ourselves to fulfil this duty and created a thorough guide listing all the streaming services accessible in the UK, even those that are geo-restricted but can be accessed using a clever trick.


Why then do you continue to pay for cable? How much money a month could you save if you stopped using cable?

The following guide describes the top 7 streaming services in the UK for 2023 while highlighting their features and reason why you should stop using the Cable and start using the streaming platforms.

Suppose, however, that your area does not have access to the streaming service. In such situation, you may use a high-end VPN like ExpressVPN, which is the most highly regarded VPN with best-in-class features and remarkable unblocking capabilities to get around all major streaming platforms’ geo-restrictions, including Hulu in the UK, BBC iPlayer outside  the UK, and many others.

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