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The latest release of /e/OS, the deGoogled and pro-privacy smartphone operating system (OS) includes the privacy-focused independent search engine Mojeek, offering customers concerned about privacy more options to search online without being tracked.
As two human-centric independent technology products, Mojeek and /e/OS are both excited about the new ways in which this combination can help those looking to leave the surveillance-heavy walled gardens of Silicon Valley far behind.
The founders of these two alternative tech projects, Gaël Duval and Marc Smith (of /e/OS and Mojeek respectively) have built sustainable businesses which are competing with Big Tech and providing people with real choice.

With the coming of the latest update of /e/OS 1.8, Mojeek search engine can now be found among the list of other privacy search options in the /e/OS Browser app.

Individuals with smartphones running /e/OS can change the default search engine, in the Browser app, by clicking on the three-dots button (top right corner) then navigating to Settings > Search engine.

/e/OS is a deGoogled mobile operating system which goes to great lengths to remove all of the unnecessary and privacy-invasive aspects of Google’s long-running mobile platform. Through this work, Gaël and his team have made the move to privacy as simple as possible for the end-user.

Whereas with most similar operating systems you have to have sufficient technological knowledge to unlock and re-flash your previously Android-running device, with their trading arm users can buy Murena smartphones, including Murena One, with the /e/OS operating system already running on them out of the box. On top of this, pre-flashed /e/OS smartphone models include the anti e-waste electronics manufacturer Fairphone, offering an ethical and environmentally-friendly smartphone alternative.
Mojeek is a non-tracking search engine that is truly and transparently independent, unlike most allegedly “alternative” search engines which still continue to source results from either Google or Microsoft’s Bing.

Started in 2004, Mojeek now has a web search index of over 6.5 billion webpages. After becoming the first ever private search engine back in 2006, Mojeek has grown sustainably by leveraging the investments of committed private investors who believe in Mojeek’s aims. Their team has also grown steadily, bringing in individuals that share its values of privacy and support for human rights. This includes experienced tech entrepreneur, Colin Hayhurst, who stepped into the role of CEO in 2020.

Gaël Duval – /e/OS and Murena

“It’s a pleasure to collaborate with Mojeek to bring their pro-privacy search engine to Murena users. It brings a lot of value, and shows that working together, we can build a strong and new proposal for users. Like the organic food market became real in the 2000s, together we are pioneering this emerging and super dynamic ‘fair-IT’ market, that offers a real answer to consumers who are seeking products that offer guarantees for their privacy, and are more sustainable.”

Colin Hayhurst – Mojeek
“People and businesses should be able to search and then navigate the web without having their tracks followed or data harvested. Mojeek search results are provided based on the search query you enter, only on settings you control, and can even be customised without any cookies. To provide that we built our search infrastructure, index and algorithms from the ground-up. Our mobile users want a platform from an entity that practices similar principles, and is an alternative to Big Tech companies like Google, Apple and Huawei. Murena and e/OS/ is the ideal complementary smartphone platform for using Mojeek.

“This release has for the first time combined a web search engine and operating system with both being truly alternative pro-privacy products. With both projects having aspects of their offerings which are environmentally-friendly (Mojeek being a green search engine, /e/OS being available on the Fairphone 3 and 4) and both having been built outside of the assumed home of software, Silicon Valley, this is a completely unique opportunity for people to take back their privacy and support alternatives. After years of domination by US business and venture capital, two dynamic European companies are showing the world that they still have a choice when it comes to their tech.”

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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