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In time for this Valentine’s Day, HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, shares new research[1] revealing that food and tech are the items we are most willing to share with a romantic partner, with food topping the list at 58% (Joey Tribbiani should take notes) followed by a phone charger at 48%.

It comes as no surprise that the majority of people (65%) are more likely to share essential and everyday items with loved ones due to the cost-of-living crisis. This rises to 74% for millennials who are the most likely to share overall and drops to 45% for baby boomers who are the least likely to share. Even 9% of millennials would share their toothbrush. Baby boomers would also sooner share with their family, with 60% saying so.

It looks like hogging the covers is a bigger bugbear between couples than taking a charger, as people are more willing to share a phone charger than their duvet, at 48% and 35% respectively. Interestingly, tablets enter the top three items people are most willing to share with their children (26%), before sharing a tablet with family (25%) and a romantic partner (22%).

Adam Ferguson, Head of Product Marketing at HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, said: It’s unsurprising that tech such as phones chargers are commonly shared items given their everyday use. Tablets in particular are made with shareability in mind, just like the Nokia T21, ideal for the whole family – whether it’s for work, learning or play, it’s made to adapt. Multiple years of software upgrades on smart devices also means that they can be shared for longer or passed down when you are looking to upgrade.”

Items most willing to share[2]:
  1. Food 58%
  1. Phone charger 41%
  1. Duvet 35%
  1. Water bottle 32%
  1. Mobile phone 26%

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