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Choosing a learning management system (LMS) or other online training software is thrilling and challenging. The first thing you need to do is persuade upper management that your LMS is a good idea. There is a direct correlation between a fully functional LMS and a rise in ROI because of the positive effects on worker efficiency and output. As a result, it is essential to select a system that works well for your company. Cost and functionality are among essential inquiries for a prospective LMS provider. On the other hand, there are several other inquiries you may wish to make of your vendor before determining whether or not to enter into a lasting business partnership with them. This article will discuss the common questions you must ask your LMS provider to ensure you are choosing the world’s best LMS for entrepreneurs. 

The truth is, there is no one definitive choice when it comes to selecting the best LMS. The best LMS for you is the one that best serves your needs. The following questions will help you find exactly that:

Penetration testing of external applications and networks: do you offer this service?

In other words, the corporation has enlisted the help of testing agencies to “attack” its website and network in search of security flaws. Severe content management systems (CMS) and SaaS providers will perform this at least quarterly, with additional testing performed against any system modifications. You need to request the most recent report and each subsequent report be sent to you.

What kinds of assistance are there, if any?

Due to the nature of open-source software as a do-it-yourself project, technical help is limited. In general, cloud-based LMSs offer superior levels of devoted customer support. However, check their support policy, as every commercial LMS is a mix of several systems. Find out if the LMS provider you’re considering has automated support or human tech support available. How comprehensive is their frequently asked questions section? Do they provide support in languages besides English? How quickly do they react when you bring up a problem? How do they respond when you have a problem or complaint? Is the IT support team, for instance, well-informed and able to explain the problem and its solution in the language you can grasp?

In what way does the report function operate?

Verify that the supplier uses a reliable reporting mechanism. To make more informed decisions, modern dashboards efficiently present data from reports. It is only possible to evaluate the efficiency of a training program with access to reliable reports displaying relevant learning data. These studies are essential for stakeholders, especially those in leadership roles, to stay abreast of the state of online education.

The reports generated by the LMS should be easily accessible 24/7 by managers, instructors, and officials. In addition to the benefits already mentioned, business owners also benefit from the option to modify reports to their own needs. 

Through SSO, learners have access to the LMS without switching platforms. The LMS can schedule reports and notifications to be sent out via Salesforce. These regularly scheduled automated reports are helpful for upper-level management and other decision-makers. As a result, inquire about all these factors from your potential LMS provider.

How Often Do You Release Updated Versions Of The Software?

A limited amount of updates may be included with some LMS. Any additional improvements beyond the maximum price tag will undoubtedly incur additional fees. At the same time, some will demand payment immediately if you want to use a more recent version. It would help if you inquired about the regularity of upgrades and the frequency of new LMS releases. You might have to replace your plug-in device every year. You should know it immediately since you want to be prepared. See if they are up-to-date on the latest developments in LMS technology by inquiring about industry trends and advancements.

How well does the LMS support mLearning?

Your LMS needs to provide a remarkable experience every time an employee logs in, especially since they will want to access their learning materials on demand, sometimes from a smartphone or tablet when they are away from their offices. Is the system able to display information uniformly across all devices, and is it comparable to the “desktop experience”? Ask any potential LMS provider these questions to ensure their platform can accommodate mobile learning. Many companies are adopting remote and hybrid teams, making this a crucial consideration.


When you choose an LMS, you commit to working closely with that company for years to come. Pick a service that will assist you in every step, from initial planning to platform launch. Select a service that meets your needs and has room to expand as your business does. Choose an LMS provider who can deliver on the promise of a platform that makes learning fun and easy.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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