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Many people of all ages like to spend their free time playing video games. When you can also earn on it, it is many times more enjoyable and adds motivation. Many players are not only able to dream but to turn fantasies into reality. With good skills, an understanding of the games, and a responsible approach, a certain profit will be obtained after a while. Some users in the gaming industry earn incomes that are 2, 3, or more times higher than the average salaries in the country.

What Should You Do in the Video Game Industry?

Many people who are unfamiliar with the video game industry tend to underestimate it. This industry is dynamically developing and growing, there is a turnover of very large sums of money. Many gamblers successfully combine business with pleasure, spending time on their favorite games, and choosing the best payout casino, while receiving a good deal of money. The advantages include:

  • a wide range of options for earning money;
  • an occupation that you like;
  • the possibility of changing careers at any time;
  • with the right skill and luck you can become a millionaire;
  • work from any location in the world subject to access to the Internet.

It should be understood that in this area there is also quite a lot of competition. Therefore it will be necessary to work with full dedication. For example, 7bit casino slots will help bring the participant a good income.

Profit Opportunities in the Video Game Industry

If you haven’t delved into the ways of making money in the games industry, you might think there aren’t very many. In fact, their number exceeds all expectations. Let us review the most popular of them.

Cynersports This is an option that requires a lot of effort but it’s very lucrative. Even if they have reached an intermediate level, cyber athletes can already count on a monthly salary of $5,000 to $7,000. If you take prizes in tournaments, this amount increases. Cybersport is actively developing and the number of fans is constantly growing.

Getting into a team of eSports athletes is not easy. You will have to constantly train and improve your gaming skills. If you manage to position yourself well, there is a chance to get into one of the cyber league teams. 

Bets Athletes who excel in the gaming industry can expect to excel in other areas. GS:GO players, for example, show a very good reaction time. In this indicator, they have better results than professional athletes in other disciplines.

Therefore, they can earn not only on video games but also in the betting industry. Knowing cybersports well from the inside, they can predict the outcome of most competitions and make good profits.

Trading If you are interested not only in making a profit but also in taking an active part in these processes, then trading will be a great option. Passing through such video games as Dota 2 and CS:GO involves obtaining various valuable items, resources, and skins. Often in the course of the game, they are obtained for free, and later you can sell them to other players. These items can only be obtained by prolonged gameplay. Usually, beginners prefer to buy the necessary things and items for real money as they do not want to spend a lot of time.
Streaming This is quite an interesting and widespread option, which requires a small investment. It is necessary to purchase equipment for broadcasting quality videos. The popularity of video bloggers is starting to decline, while at the same time the audience of streamers and viewers is growing. During the stream, you can show your audience the game in real-time. Streaming is available on online platforms familiar to all users – YouTube, Twitch, and GoodGame.

If you get an audience and become popular, you can count on a good income. Having a certain amount of charisma and humor, it is realistic to attract the attention of viewers. Making a profit is possible through donations from their subscribers. Also, by becoming known among the audience, you can pump up social networks, broadcast ads, and find sponsors.

Training Good players who have reached a certain level and regalia can always engage in teaching newcomers. It is clear that it will be conducted only for a particular video game. However, if it is popular, then to improving the skills and learning certain secrets from the wizard will be of interest to a lot of players. Thanks to the training, students correct their mistakes in the game and work out the correct strategies. Many gamers who have undergone training, later became professionals and got into cybersports teams.

According to SmartGuide’s analytics, coaches get quite a lot of money. However, you need to have a good experience in the game. If you do not have a name in cybersports, it is quite difficult to get such a job.

Account upgrade (drivers) Having certain skills, you can pump user accounts. Most often it is necessary for such games as MMORPG, in some famous projects, including “Fight Club”, “Legacy of Dragons,” and others. “Drivers receive a quite large remuneration for such work. Players also invest in order to maximize the promotion of their main account. The owner himself goes into it from time to time to launch a game. The rest of the time a “driver” works on it, developing and upgrading it.
A support person at a game development company Just like in other industries, a manufacturer needs customer support. Therefore, users are given the opportunity to work in the area of interest to them. The salary of such employees is quite high. Also, large companies are engaged in hiring game administrators. He conducts games with other gamers, and provides support in chat competitions. Blizzard can serve as an example. The level of pay for the work largely depends on the skills and communication skills of the employee.
Selling goods with a video game theme A very promising way to earn money is to engage in the production and sale of products with a game theme. This can be clothing, souvenirs, tableware, stickers, magnets, etc. Profits in such work depend only on your ability to sell. By understanding the marketing, and making the right advertising, you can get a fairly large monthly income.

Everyone chooses which way of making a profit suits him best.


With some experience in video games, it is quite realistic to succeed in any of the above options and make a profit. It is necessary to look at the experience of those users who have already been able to achieve results in this sphere. It is good if you don’t get hung up, and try to make money from several sources.


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