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When it comes to working from home or the office conference calls can be part of the daily routine and it happens quite often here with myself and having the right tools is essential to do the job at hand but how many tools do you need to get the job done, you could look at this as an all in one package though by looking at it you might not see how it works and this is what makes this piece of kit something different and quite unique and it is pretty cool too.

We have tested many conference kits here and this is the latest offering from the company who strive to give us good products at affordable prices and we use some of their kit still today and they work really well which is something to take note of.

The product itself is super robust and perhaps bigger than one would be use to having at home but maybe no the case in an office environment, it is simple to use with a remote control that is also simple to use and has all the buttons down one side of the device where there is LED status lights on the opposite site and then up top is where the magic happens the 360 degree panoramic HD camera that can be also turned off and muted like the audio when not in use.

OK so how does this work, well there is plenty of AI here involved which is pretty cool and it is a simple set-up and works cross platform and you can download some additional software if you like but there is no need to it is a plug and play product which what people like to see with no hassle to get moving. You have one cable to connect to your PC it will not work with a mobile phone  nor can you ad and external mic and you have on power cable for the device itself so it is not one of those systems that have wires for each individual at the table or product to match.

There is a cool speaker built in too which you can use during the conference calls etc or just even as a personal speaker and it has a good sound with some nice bass built in.

There is 5 modes of use here which covers all aspects.

1. Collaboration Mode

Under EMEET Meeting Capsule’s collaboration mode, all attendees’ 360° panoramic picture and main 1-3 speaker’ split screens will be shown on the same screen simultaneously. In the split screen, one speaker will be tracked and displayed, and when she/he isn’t talking anymore, she/he will be removed from the screen, ensuring the new speaker becomes the next on-screen speaker. By using this mode, all participants concentrate on not only the speakers but also the listeners.2. Speech Mode

2. Speech Mode

Under EMEET Meeting Capsule’s speech mode, all attendees’ 360° panorama picture and only 1 speaker’s split slide will be displayed at the same time on the screen. If the former speaker stops talking, the device will automatically center on the latter speaker. Besides, the image can be adjusted via the remote control. In a speech occasion, the conference room webcam is the best choice to deliver the speaker’s expression content.

3. Classic Mode

Under EMEET Meeting Capsule’s classic mode, people in front of the 180° wide-angle device will be shown in a non-split screen. For a stabler and clearer image, the AI capturing tech is closed here. The webcam with remote control can be used to adjust the image and degree. The classic mode’s FOV (Field of View) is 180/120/60 degrees, being able to be adjusted by the remote control. The conference webcam is great for medium to large meetings.

4. Spotlight Mode

Under EMEET Meeting Capsule’s spotlight mode, the conference webcam becomes a personal video conference camera, which means you can choose the part you would like to show on the non-split screen. Auto capturing tech is forbidden here for a high-definition imaging. Both remote control and eMeetLink can be used to change the FOV between 60-95 degree. You are the only one who enjoys the 3 in 1 smart video conference system in the spotlight mode.

5. In-privacy Mode

Under EMEET Meeting Capsule’s privacy mode, you will enjoy both electronic privacy and physical privacy. To cut off the image transmission, the electronic 360 webcam flips the lens to 0° and the whole physical cap turns to 0°. Meanwhile, the microphone will quit picking up voice immediately. However, the 10W HIFI speaker continues to work to deliver the other side’s voice. Privacy mode is frequently used during your side’s negotiation and decision time.

Overall this is a one stop shop with less cables cameras and more for that important conference meeting be it at home or in the office and it is simple to set up and get going meaning a clutter free environment and excellent quality meetings. The cohe st might be an issue for some here but when you think about it one product can do the work of multiple here and for me this is a win and from testing with personal work meetings and so on the people at the other end agree.


  • Includes everyone: 360° panoramic 1080P HD camera, 8 mics and 90dB Hi-Fi speaker.
  • AI-powered autofocus: Intelligent multi-modal algorithm autofocuses on active talkers responsively.
  • 5 video modes: Swivel lens with 5 video modes on your command for various scenarios.
  • Optimized voice pickup: Exclusive VoiceIA® DSP algorithm features noise reduction, human voice enhancement and full duplex.
  • Plug and play: Launch meetings instantly without the need for cell phones or WI-FI.
  • Smart coverage: Extend coverage from 18ft to 36ft when daisy chained with our signature speakerphone M3.


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