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If you are one to travel or commute and have no compatible Airpods or headphones this it what you need to get around this issue, it is amazing it still is an issue but twelvesouth have this covered as they always have with previous models of the tiny travel gadgets that fixed that annoying problem.

Not only this the product can work at home to with games consoles such as the Playstation 5 for example where Airpods also do not want to work and this is ideal for the gamer in general and it is not expensive either solving a problem that should not exist in fairness.

How this works is simple you just simply place into an existing headphone jack turn it on and job is done,now I have not had the chance to test on a flight but did with previous models and they simply work really well and I have tested this on my Playstation 5 recently and all was good and there was no distortion in sound or loss of connectivity nor was there any lag latency noticed which makes for the perfect travel gift or tool for yourself to have at your disposal .

The new Twelve South AirFly transmitter has a 20+ hour battery life, making it perfect for those long trans-Atlantic flights. Users simply plug it into the seat’s headphone jack to watch movies in comfort using their own noise-cancelling headphones. AirFly also has a battery life indicator so users know exactly when it’s time to recharge. With AirFly’s new volume control, users can easily manage volume levels without touching the screen. Plus, the quick mute button allows them to talk to the person next to them or a flight attendant at the click of a button.


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