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I have many watches and probably too many like smartphones trainers headphones and earbuds but it is what I do and when we go to a store or look online we can see a myriad of these at all price points which is a good thing but as I have said before it can be a convoluted mess for the consumer and not only that on how to use them and this is where Watchovers comes in keeping it simple for those seniors in our lives with a watch that is kinda smart and easy to use that is robust and looks current.

There is one or two caveats which I will get out of the way and that is you need a sim card be it a subscription or you can pay monthly but if you do subscribe you can cancel anytime which is good and a not a tedious operation like it is with our networks which has been in the news enough times and a fine example of that when a family member passes away they get bills and hassle they do not need and you have to jump through hoops to get things fixed and it is a personal bearbug with me and many out there but with Watchovers it is not and the signal sometimes is not the best, Perhaps I would have liked the option to have more watch faces but this is a simple update that can be applied but nonetheless they are keeping to their ethics keeping it simple.

I will not get into to much technical speak here as this is for seniors and granted there is many out there that do have knowledge with smartphones and watches but there is plenty that do not and want a simple product that has no convoluted menu and that is easy to use, I also go through this in the video review below and some of it in the unboxing and walkthrough here.

The watch is simple to use and has a large enough face and looks current you could say it is similar to some Fitbits or Apple watches in looks but this has ONE button on the side which is enough and one touch button on screen, the screen is touch screen with a simplified menu to use and no subfolders as such when you go into it bar the settings one which again is simple to use and see what is in there and does not bring you off on another tangent with other features to set up and get friendly with.

The owner can download and app get things set up for you and the job is done it is a simple operation after that for the person wearing the watch. This can locate call message and more for the app user but some might have issues here privacy, it is not a spy watch as such, but think about the elderly people at home alone your sick relatives your child and much more, if there is an issue they can get in touch with you very fast if the watch does not do it itself with fall detection for example , you can video call and message the user and there is more in there for the user such as geolocation and so on and it is also a great communication device. You have Heart rate Blood pressure and steps monitoring which is consistently accurate alongside other watches I have and wore this whilst using one of my other daily drivers.

Another thing I can standby on is their customer service over the years and that is a vital component in any business which seems to lack aplenty these days.

Check the video review for more below. If you have any other questions do ask in the comments

5 Point Customer Promise:
• Quality Guaranteed
• Safe payments via PayPal®
• 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
• Help when you need it – Full Customer Support
• We got you! Tracking number for every order


• SOS Emergency Alarm • Two Way Voice Communication • Fall Alert with Automatic Calling • GPS Location • GEO-Fence
• Health Monitors • Activity Monitor • Reminders • Alarms • Long Battery Life • Low Battery Alert • Route Recording & Playback
• Watch Finder • Listen Safety Monitor • Remote Camera Photo • Caller Approval • Watch Function • Pre-fitted Sim Card
• Multi-Users • Multi Alert Messaging Methods


Video Review


By Jim O Brien/CEO

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