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The Limited-Edition Skullcandy x Street Fighter PLYR headset is loaded with nods to the classic game, as you would of seen in the unboxing there is many audio nods installed on the headset itself  to the game and when you navigate the controls on the headset which is really cool if you are Street Fighter fan which there is many of out there today of a certain age group.

Looks and build.

Well these do look similar to the SLYR we reviewed recently and the same applies here when it comes to comfort only this time round there is no padding on the headband but this time round we get a band that does just the same job but has a nod to street fighter on it. I do think though this headset is robust and the looks stand out even more this time and I love the speckled finish on it and for me after testing these for countless hours they are comfortable for gaming and listening to music without any clamping effect either on the head which some headphones can do so especially after long hour of use.


The controls again are familiar but more this time around however kept simple and that works for me it is not a complicated set up at all, you have got two panels on one cup and a wheel and one switch yet all your commands can be done here or from the app which this time around is really cool, the wheel can also control your EQ on the headphones which is amazing for getting the right set up you need not only for the gaming aspect but the audio experience too and it is simply fantastic.

The App

Here is what you can find in the app below but we go through this in detail in the video review and it is a fantastic looking app too and simple to use, you also have tile built in which everyone is familiar with here on this site as we have covered it countless times but it s good to have especially with this limited edition headset in case you happen to misplace it.


Ok so these are aimed at gamers so if you have a PS5 XBox or Nintendo Switch you are good to go, you can connect via Bluetooth or cable , there is  their own dongle to avail of too but there is alternatives out there or you may have one already, You can also use these with your mobile phone I tested on the Nintendo Switch and my Phone, there is a PC app too and the app we tested is the one for mobile as I am not a PC gamer at all but the options are limitless for gamers.

The Sound

I will make this short and sweet these sound fantastic you have control in the app to get the right tone you require, As mentioned I have the SLYR already and they were quite good but these are on another level and you can decide what tones suit you with the app, there is no ANC hear however but you do not need it, the passive noise isolation is good and once the volume is cranked up you can forget about what is going on around you which is what I like. There is also no lag latency here noted during my testing.

Overall this is a really cool pair of headphones with a removable mic nods to the game built in as you go along and is an easy recommend from me of you can get your hands on them, there is no ANC or Voice Assistant here and no option to reverse tracks but these are for gaming but they for me are also for people who listen to music and they have delivered both sides of the coin here.


  • Bluetooth 5.2 Wireless Technology – Enables enhanced power management and stronger connectivity to bluetooth-enabled media and gaming devices

  • Skullcandy Supreme Sound – Unique audio-tuning process enables users to maximise the depth and detail of each sound

  • Enhanced Sound Perception – A hearing test tunes audio levels to match user’s unique hearing needs

  • Advanced Audio Controls via Skullcandy Software – Compatible with both mobile app and PC software to unlock advanced features and customise button functions

  • Clear Voice Smart Mic – AI-based technology removes unwanted background noise to enable crystal-clear communications

  • Mute & Volume Control – Easy-to-reach, on-board controls enable gamers to quickly mute and adjust volume without gameplay interference

  • Adjustable Suspension Headband – Reduces pressure on top of the head for true, all-day comfort

  • Up to 24 Hours of Battery Life + Rapid Charge – Headset will charge when connected to select gaming devices via USB-A to USB-C

  • Built-In Tile™ Finding Technology – If the headset is misplaced, simply ‘ring’ it from the Tile app

  • Skull-HQ Software – Available for both PC and Mobile App

  • Ultra-Low Latency Wireless Transmitter (sold separately) – Available early 2023, the wireless transmitter will enable low latency wireless connection to PlayStation console and PC.


Video Review

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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