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A profile essay can be the most interesting writing assignment. Some college students recognize this. Once you’ve chosen a theme idea, writing it shouldn’t be too difficult. However, if you find it challenging, an essay writing service will do the work for you.

What is a profile essay?

A profile essay is a short work in prose, an essay on a scientific problem in a non-scientific style. For students – independent, creative work. And it is also a separate literary, critical, historical, and prose genre, with the help of which the author:

  • treats a particular topic;
  • creates a free composition;
  • conveys personal impressions and thoughts;
  • argues arguments in a free and often paradoxical manner.

The essay is included in the group of scientific works but stands in this line very apart. A kind of genre, in which you will not say anything. This only makes it more interesting. 

The origin of the word will help to understand the concept. Such a beautiful sound – literally translated from French as an attempt, a test, an essay. And if you dig even deeper into the Latin roots – weighing. The essence is conveyed perfectly. An essay as a kind of “test of the pen” helps to weigh and express thoughts on the topic.

Profile essay structure

The profile essay has a three-component structure – introductory, main and final parts. Nothing new. But let’s focus on the content of these elements.

  • Introduction. It should arouse the reader’s interest, captivate, and demonstrate that further discussion will be about important and necessary. In the introduction, the author formulates the problem and conveys its essence, shows his own emotions, and convinces the reader of the importance of the issue.
  • Main part. The problem is considered from different points of view, including the historical aspect. The author argues, explains, gives examples, analyzes, makes a final judgment, and formulates conclusions. These tasks, as it were, conditionally divide the main part into subparagraphs. Of course, they must follow logically, one after the other.
  • Conclusion. The final part combines all the conclusions into one final thought and helps the reader to come to a logical conclusion of what they have read, comprehend the arguments, form their own judgment – yes or no, and maybe even encourage them to continue the discussion.

Note! If a student writes effectively, it is important to remember such a detail. The purpose of the introduction is to generate interest. The purpose of the main part is to argue. The purpose of the conclusion is to bring to the value and significance of the issue or issue raised and to encourage the author to reflect and rethink.

In fact, the requirements for writing an essay are minimal – open the topic and do not forget to put a title. But this is the main difficulty. Freedom of creativity can take you to the wrong steppe. By the way, the ability to write an essay is a very useful skill in adulthood.

How is a profile essay different from other types of written work?

An essay is a small free-form essay in which the author expresses personal impressions and thoughts on any occasion or issue. The text reveals the writer’s view of only one question (topic, problem) without claims for an exhaustive presentation.

With the help of an essay, the author’s ability to briefly and originally describe his vision of something is assessed. The minimum amount of essay text is 2 pages of printed text, the maximum is 10. The number of pages directly depends on the depth and complexity of the topic and the form of the presentation. An essay can be presented in the form of a letter, a note in a newspaper, a lyrical miniature, an entry in a personal diary, or a review.

Profile essay writing mistakes

The main mistakes in the essay are the vague thought of the author and the fuzzy topic. This refers to a text in which the scope of reasoning is so wide that the logical chain and connection are simply lost. Subjectivism is needed, but not enough to forget about the scientific problem. To avoid these mistakes, refer to an essay writer for help.

The failure rating includes non-uniqueness. Rewriting other people’s thoughts, even in your own words, is not comme il faut. You need to take an individual approach. In this genre, as in nowhere else, it is important to do just that. And do not be afraid, in the essay, there are almost unlimited possibilities for creativity. 

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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