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Mobile devices used to be considered a source of fun by school and college teachers. But every technology starts to develop quickly, so free educational apps for students have replaced fascinating games. You can use them to upgrade your language knowledge, improve your skills in your chosen subjects, and gain new experiences. You will forget the heavy books you need to bring to class. Best learning apps for students contain the information presented in the textbooks. It’s enough to download the software on your phone or tablet to take advantage of all the options. Check the list of the best apps for students in our article.

Google Classroom

It is a popular education app that gives you access to a virtual classroom. The program is translated into many languages. Teachers post exercises for self-study or publish research paper requirements. “It makes it very easy for students to download the requirements and send them directly to your paper writing service. Thus, their workload is lighter, and it is more convenient to work this way. Consequently, no important details are lost and the writing is more efficient,” says Erin McLaren who is an education expert from She also adds that such programs make the research process more effective. For their part, learners publish ready-made material for testing.

The student can also leave remarks, send comments and join discussions in the mobile app for android and ios. In addition, sharing images and other resources is available. The simplicity of the interface and the introduction of extensive functionality dramatically improves the educational process.


The learning app is suitable for those who want to enter Harvard and other ranked institutions. But because of high passing grades, not everyone manages to make their dream come true. More than 2,000 courses are available to users, where you can choose from philosophy, tech, math, and more. Upon completing all classes, you get certificates, indispensable for a successful career.

Khan Academy

It is a unique app aimed at providing free education anywhere in the world. Videos are offered to make learning exciting and effective. All information is explained here in detail, and it is impossible to miss the nuances. For convenience, it is offered to track your progress, for which a test is conducted.


English, French, Chinese, Latin, and Spanish – learning in an interactive form will bring tremendous results. An app for Android will be an absolute godsend for those who want to acquire basic linguistic rules and increase their vocabulary in a short time. If you also need apps for writing papers, it is not difficult to find one. Features of such programs are that they are as informative as possible, easy to use, and suitable for students of different levels.


Student educational apps

It is a unique app that allows you to stay in touch with your school community at all times. Both students and teachers or parents can be included in the group. You need to know the unique class code to join, and then you will receive up-to-date information from the teacher, share content, and send the completed assignment.


Accurate calculations can be challenging, but not for those with the Photomath app installed. Now you don’t have to worry about solving complex problems because the process will not cause trouble. Instead, learning is done as follows: you take a photo of the task, the program scans it and provides step-by-step instructions.


This educational app is created for those who are attracted to the programming elements. It has free tutorials in PHP, JavaScript, HTML, python, c++, swift, CSS, and more. In addition, you can use the mobile code editor and read the latest tutorials in your chosen field. Everything in the program is provided for a comfortable immersion in the environment.


The app provides several ways to familiarize yourself with the selected area. You can choose learning, cards, writing, matching, etc. In addition, there are tasks here in the form of a game. Thanks to this approach, you can easily refresh the knowledge you have acquired before. It is a great idea from the developers; you can’t ignore it.


The free app provides you with quizzes covering many areas from real life. Here you can compete with other players online or challenge friends. The teacher can create quizzes on his own or use the available projects. Participants must enter a pin code to join the tasks. It is also possible to display quizzes on large screens in the classroom.


It stands out among similar apps by the vast amount of information presented for review. More than 130 000 lessons in video format are available here: science, music, business, personal development, etc. You can get results in tandem with experienced instructors. If you get stuck at a particular stage, you can always ask clarifying questions and find ways to solve the problem.


Choose the best free educational apps to get the most information conveniently. The programs are adapted for smartphones and tablets from the company Apple. They are also suitable for Android gadgets. The software is distributed free and essential for students with low or no income. With the help of specialized programs, reaching educational information will become the core of forming a knowledge base for the future profession. The developers offer to memorize every word or thoroughly understand the rules and play games. Cards, quizzes, and other offers will bring variety to the process and avoid monotony.

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