Wheel of fortune

The idea of spinning a wheel of fortune and winning a prize has fascinated us for a long time. The result depends upon where the wheel randomly stops and this method remains popular today, but how does it work? Modern technology has allowed us to play these games in the same way as before, but with greater confidence in the random nature of the outcome.

Spin a Virtual Wonder Wheel

The latest type of wheel of fortune can be seen when you get your daily free spins on Wonder Wheel games at Paddy Power. As you’d expect, this is a virtual wheel where you simply press a button to spin it. This generates a completely random outcome once the wheel stops spinning, with prizes including bonuses and scratchcards.

While the instructions don’t explain exactly how it works behind the scenes, we can find this out by looking at the subject of randomness in casino games in general. Games such as slots, roulette, and blackjack all have one thing in common; they rely on a random outcome to make them games of chance that no one can guess the result of before starting. This means that no one should know what’s going to happen, neither the player nor the casino.

This is done by using a random number generator (RNG). It’s a piece of software that ensures every single action that gets carried out has an unpredictable outcome. This is what ensures that your next card at blackjack could be anything from an ace to a king or anything in between, and the same type of RNG can make sure that a wheel of fortune is fair and impossible to predict.

How Does This Compare to Older Methods?

We need to go back to 1952 to find the first episode of the Wheel of Fortune show on American TV. This game show involved players spinning a physical wheel to find out what prize they won, with the wheel split into segments covering different prizes very similar to the virtual wheel we looked at earlier. However, the full set of episodes from this original series are said to no longer exist, meaning that we can’t compare that wheel to modern, virtual versions. The modern version of Wheel of Fortune began in 1975.

wheel of fortune

In general terms, is the virtual wheel fairer and more random than a physical wheel of fortune? It’s worth considering the fact that the use of an RNG ensures a completely random outcome every time. These pieces of software are tested regularly, to ensure that they continue to give unpredictable results. On the other hand, a physical wheel may be faulty, causing it to favour one section over others. This can be best seen when looking at the history of roulette, as players have looked for evidence of wheel bias or of the dealer’s spinning style causing uneven results, apparently with success at times.

The modern approach of using a virtual wheel backed up by an RNG have proven to be the safest and fairest way of playing a wheel of fortune. With technology that makes the outcome more random than ever before, you can simply spin the wheel and wait to see what happens.  

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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