Far Infrared Radiation (FIR) is invisible natural sunlight radiation holding the lengthiest wavelength of about 3 to 1000 μm. These wavelengths are within the infrared scope of electromagnetic beams. These rays, emitted from recovery units, have the same benefits natural sunlight rays have. The only difference between both radiations is that sunlight contains harmful ultraviolet rays, whereas Far Infrared Rays do not include these skin-burning harmful UV rays. 

Far Infrared Radiation therapy is also called Hyperthermia. These rays penetrate the skin surface deeply, up to 1.5 inches under the skin. It boosts the temperature of the body surface in a mild manner. It also stimulates body processes.

FIR mats or heating pads are proven effective for Far Infrared Therapy. They penetrate warmth deeply inside the skin. All FIR mats or heating devices serve the same until the temperature is constant for all devices. Avoid higher temperatures to reduce the risk of burns.


Warmth enhances the vigor of the body. Similarly, Far Infrared Radiation is a safe, efficient, and effective thermal therapy that brings multiple positive aspects to life. It has many benefits and can work wonders on health. Some of the advantages of Far Infrared Rays on human health are:

Far Infrared Radiation can bolster the cardiovascular system by extending blood capillaries and increasing blood circulation throughout the body, leading to healthy organs and adequate functioning of tissues. It also boosts cell health, heart pace, rejuvenation, and oxygen supply. Plus, it lowers diastolic blood pressure. The risk of heart disease lessens.

These rays also improve detoxification and motivate the lymphatic system to drain the leaked blood vessel fluid from the tissues through lymph nodes. It burns fats and removes toxins present in the blood. 

In Asia, Far Infrared Radiation therapy is used broadly in Japan. Whereas in Europe, it is used the most by healthcare professionals in Germany to cure multiple ailments in living organisms. 

Scientific study:

Some scientific studies conducted by scientists in Japan in 2003 revealed that FIR therapy mends wounds rapidly without any risks or side effects by promoting a bunch of cells termed fibroblasts. These fibroblasts produce more collagen in the body. Thus, promoting tissue repairing and injury healing process. Because Far Infrared Radiation provides thermal therapy, it can loosen tight muscles of your body. These include both muscles: physical and mental. Hence, it alleviates muscle spasms receding tension and stress in the body, and anxiety, depression, and other disorders of the body.

FIR promotes protein and DNA synthesis. Far Infrared Radiation also heightens the production of white blood cells termed leukocytes to improve the immune system or defensive system. In addition, it also reduces swellings, aches, discomfort, soreness, and inflammation of any affected body region as it warms the muscle fibers. FIR therapy is anti-oxidative in nature. For this reason, it can produce more collagen in the body, resulting in tightening wrinkled skin and lessening breakouts.

It helps to increase the temperature of malignant cells. The standard cell temperature is 32 degrees Celsius, but if it reaches 42 degrees Celsius or 107.6 degrees Fahrenheit, it gets impossible for the cell to survive. The malignant cells and tumors get destroyed. In this way, the body remains free of cancer.

FIR mats are available in the market with many features to help you get Far Infrared Radiation therapy. Always choose the correct FIR mat that suits your inflammation and aches. Avoid extra heat and try to purchase a device that allows modification of its settings. Excessive heating levels may increase inflammation rather than decrease it by burning the skin.

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