Enfokus AI intelligent camera

The EnFokus AI Video Conference Camera came in clearly defined packaging with the key features visible on the packaging. The kit is robust with no additional accessories to lose or carry around, the cable with a USB A plug connects directly to a windows laptop without any issues. The camera is mechanical in terms of operation adjusted which pops up with voice automation to advise the scanning AI on the views. The speaker (2 Watt) is incorporated into the kit with a nice touch of LXM logo on the kit. This kit does not have any controls on the unit in terms of volume/ mute etc which have to be done via a Laptop etc.

Key features

  •       AI face recognition
  •       Double talk
  •       Echo Cancellation
  •       Noise reduction
  •       Invisible Camera
  •       Built-in audio DSP

Set up:

The setup is simple and easy Plug and play, and no additional drivers were required.  This took less than one minute to update and required no additional accessories required. Microsoft teams automatically changed the speaker and camera on numerous calls with no time lag or loss.

The AI face recognition was automatic in the background, as focused on a face within a room this took up to 30 seconds on initially plugging in the camera but the Pan tilt zoom part adjusted accordingly as a person’s face moved within the room as would be done during a presentation. The double talk where 2 people on a call spoke at the same time again worked without interference.  The camera when connected shows a red light and changes to a green line when on a call,


The warranty comes with a 1-year warranty, which is disappointing from the website in terms of manufacturing culture and mixed communication in terms of repair times and taking responsibility for customers.

Conclusion :

The EnFokus AI Video Conference Camera does what is said on the box easily and efficiently and works as required. The 2-watt speaker is sufficient for voice calls but lacks a punch when used to listen to high-quality music ranges albeit this is not designed for this area while sufficient to listen to eg Youtube music in the background. The 4 inbuilt microphones have a range of 5 Meters which is sufficient for most boardrooms and can handle multiple people talking at once. The  2K ( 2560 X 1440)  Camera works well and has clarity in a variety of settings when the light dimmed or in a bright room. The AI face recognition worked well and zoomed in or Panned as required to a facial movement. This was noted to be slow which may be designed to ensure a steady smooth transition rather than a jump on the camera. The Manufactures’s website has a variety of mixed messages in terms of warranty repairs and lacks the customer-first ethos as seen by some of the brands tested in the past.

Overall, The product does what is supposed to do keeping it simple without the clutter of additional accessories getting lost, or additional buttons/displays on the units overcomplicating the product. An easy simple product to connect and use, and works as expected.

Buy – https://ensonore.com/products/m?variant=42399067046102

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