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Wallets are generally places where you can store your crypto assets safely and securely without the fear of having them stolen by hackers. But again, you think all wallets are the same; you are again wrong. This is simply because there are wallet varieties that allow the safekeeping of your assets accordingly. But each comes with its share of pros and cons. And if you are to know the two basic types of wallets, they are the hot and cold wallets. If you are into Bitcoin trading, you may also check to enhance your trading skills.

But no matter which type of wallet you like to save your assets in, you can always turn for safe storage. 

What Are Hot Wallets?

Hot wallets, as you must know by now, are those wallets that are connected to the internet. That constant connection makes it more convenient to use but mind you, and it is highly unsafe and risky to be saving all your assets in there. And in this category of wallets, you will find even more subcategories or varieties of wallets. They are mainly web-based, mobile and desktop wallets. Of many hot wallets, the most unsafe and insecure wallet is the web-based wallet. Though you can say none of them is above hacking and tampering.

Since you always remain online with this type of wallet, it is more convenient to trade and make purchases and sales. You need not switch over to online from offline. People prefer the hot wallet because if you store your assets in a cold wallet, you will have to first transfer all your assets to a hot wallet after finding a device you can plug in. After completing these steps, you get to make transactions.

This holds with all exchanges that store their customers’ assets in cold wallets from where they keep transferring funds for usage. But again, if any consumer has many assets, they will not store it all in hot wallets. So the problem here is that you will have to keep transferring significant amounts to your wallet from time to time. But again, working double rather than losing all your resources is better. 

What Is A Cold Wallet?

You can say this is the safest option for storing crypto assets. To steal from your account, the hacker would need access to your passcode, which he will not have. Good examples of this type of wallet are hardware, paper, and secondary offline computers are excellent examples. They afford a lot of security, but convenience is compromised. They are so safe because after being plugged in also, they are difficult to steal. 

The transactions are signed in-device and sent to the network using the computer’s internet connection. And the assets are safe because the private keys will always stay on your device. But they are less convenient because they must be connected before being used. Plus, these wallets cost you some amount of money. 

Which Could Be The Safest Storage Option: Hot Or Cold Wallets?

Crypto wallets are the best option. But they are not immune to hacking and stealing. A company, Ledger, lost some of its user funds despite its cold storage. And there have been numerous instances where hot wallets lost all their money, as happened with Coin of Singapore and Bitpoint of Japan losing a lot of funds. 

It will not be easy to decide on the best. But using a combination of both wallets would provide both security and convenience. 

Is There A Need For Multiple Wallets?

If you are registered with any of the platforms or exchanges, wallets are not required because they take up all the tasks of storing your assets. It benefits users in many ways. Not only do you get, but you also do not have to remember the public and private passcodes. But security breaches do happen with exchanges also, as they are the frequent targets of hackers.

Concluding Note

In conclusion, it can be said that hot wallets are okay so long as you are a day trader because you need convenience and ease of trading when prices fluctuate by seconds. You cannot afford to give so much time just to getting connected. But if you are a long-term trader or investor with huge assets, then cold wallets should be your optimum choice.


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