The name is suggestive in itself. Stablecoins are those coins that are termed as stable in the crypto market. They are said to be stable because they are secured tightly to other valuable items. These items could include commodities, other currencies or even financial instruments. They are thus able to counter the fragility and instability of the crypto world, which is a welcome change indeed. You may have been fascinated with the glamorous world of Bitcoins, but you can try stablecoins as an alternative. If you are planning to invest in Bitcoin, here’s the Top Five Ways to Cash out Bitcoin that you should know about.

The Vitality Of Stablecoins

Stablecoins do indeed have an important position in the crypto arena. And why not when something can offer so much stability? You know very well that Bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency are volatile and fragile. They may topple any moment and come down like a pack of cards. They are so fragile that you should be prepared for a swing of 10% on any given day and in a span of just a few hours. 

This sort of volatility is not easily digested by any investor when they are out to purchase. Both buyer and seller get worked up by this volatility. And this becomes all the worse when you have been holding onto your crypto assets for a long time. In the end, if you trade most of them for just a few everyday items. That would make a trader or an investor into a laughing stock. And so to avoid all these issues, you can easily purchase stablecoins and hold onto them as long as you think fit. Herein lies the importance of stablecoins.

The Working Of Stablecoins

Since cryptocurrencies are new to the market, many external forces might pull them down and prevent the system from functioning well. This happens with any new sort of investment. A lot of study and research goes into the perfection of these investments before they can be declared as a safe form of investment. Only then can they exist alongside the already established forms of investment.

So after some intensive study and research, the creators have come up with stablecoins which they have discovered will retain their value if tied up with some stable form of investment, commodity, or any fiat currency. They work by tying themselves with stable items of value. But the user investing or purchasing stablecoins must have the equal value of fixed collaterals. Their stability has led to their acceptance and expansion in a very short time indeed.

The Varieties Of Stablecoin Collaterals

There are many types of stablecoins collaterals which give them their value. You can classify these collaterals into:


  • Fiat – This is the most commonest of all collaterals that stablecoins tie themselves to. And among the fiats, the US Dollar is the most famous and popular of collaterals. More and more companies are looking for fresher and newer greens to feed on. For instance, BiLira is tied to the Turkish Lira. 
  • Precious metals – Some tie themselves to precious metals like gold or silver.
  • Cryptocurrencies – Some stablecoins also hook onto other more valuable cryptocurrencies like Ethereum.
  • Other investments –There are some undisclosed investments to which they can tie themselves. But these investments are all approved. 

A Few Of The Most Popular Stablecoins

Here is a glance at the list of the popular stablecoins in the markets. They are listed as:


  • Tether
  • USD Coin
  • Dai

Stablecoins As A Medium Of Exchange And Item Of Value

Stablecoins were not only created to bring about stability to the otherwise volatile crypto market but they were also designed to act as a medium of exchange and an item of value that can be stored. Thus you can say they are a bridge between the world of fiat currency and traditional economy and the world of cryptocurrencies. They thus become a class in themselves. 

And when you talk of them as an item of value that can be stored, they are just perfect because of their stability. They even help the movement of crypto assets in their ecosystem.

To conclude, we can say that stablecoins are a means of integrating the world of traditional finance with the world of crypt finances. They have become a symbol of stability in a world rocking with the volatility of assets  considered high value.


By Jim O Brien/CEO

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