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The last time I seen a ZTE phone was at an IFA event in Malta many years ago which was called the Spro 2 if I recall correctly  which had a projector built in and I wanted it there and then, I am a projector fan as our reader know having several in house and reviewed many over the years but getting access to the device here in Ireland did not work out so well and some other manufacturers had offerings with projectors built in to but ZTE was a new brand for me to discover back then and getting hands on time with them never worked out sadly but it is what it is and that has changed and I am glad I have now after using the Axon 40 Ultra 5G for the last few months it is a beast of a phone and is one of the main phones I have been doing tech reviews with for that time alongside some other phones but this phone has been easily the best to get the job done with results and faster than other devices I have including the iPhone 14 Pro, Galaxy S22 Ultra and other devices like Pixel phones which I have mentioned in my reviews about this particular area which for me is essential due to the product review count we go through here which is the most in Ireland for a tech blog.

What do I mean then, it simply kills the video processing with the same app I use across all my devices faster making productivity better for me. Now I do have plenty of phones here however as we test phones in real time and show you how they work I know what phones work for me and video processing is one thing I test and this phone has simply laughed at any device I have used during the test period and still in use today, might  some but considering the amount of tech reviews we do I need something that is fast and does not slow me down and this does not and nor has it been slack when it comes to daily use and gaming, I will admit gaming is one of the last things I do on my phone due to my workload here but lets just say it gets plenty of time regardless be it resting in bed or sitting on the bit white telephone where I kinda forget where I am once I get immersed ina a game which happens more often that I probably admit be-known to myself.

This device was sent for a long term review and it has been that now so we do not do a clickbait title “is it worth it” we just tell you how products are here and it is up to you to decide or not to click and read and to not follow trends on Google to get the clicks with a silly question for a headline.

Unboxing and walkthrough of the ZTE Axon 40 Ultra 5G

OK so after some time with this device how does it fair out you ask, well for me this phone is one of my favourite phones this year, big battery big screen and just works, its a multi tasking beast and served me well, I took this on a trip recently as my main driver and has been a daily driver for some time now and including videos on our channel and just did everything i wanted it to do, it is on the large side but it just works

The design and build is also something I like about the phone and I like the camera set up too, yes most phones have this today but this one stands out which is fine and not many folk here have this device and quite a few asked about it when out and about or out having dinner and lunch etc.

The curved edge/waterfall display is glorious which is great for media consumption and the speakers also loud and decent enough and made the overall media consumption a joy to watch and if you are a gamer the same also applies.

The cameras also quite good although I did find the front facing camera lacking quality but I have seen worse you can see more below in the vlog I did on a recent trip as mentioned above and decide for yourself ow the performance is, I am not one to go on about specs or a photography expert but overall it did a good job for me.

Biometrics also feature on this device with face unlock fingerprint sensor which is under the display and all worked fine for me during my testing but it is good to have all options at hand including your typical screen unlock options..

If you are fed up with other brands like Samsung and want something different this phone is certainly worth a look at.


– 3rd-gen Under Display Camera
– 6.8” AMOLED 120Hz Full-view Screen
– 100% DCI-P3, 10-bit Color Depth
– Snapdragon™ 8 Gen 1
– 64MP AI Triple-cam PRO System
– 5000mAh Battery + 65W Charging


Image and video samples





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