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Don’t worry if you’ve missed Black Friday or Cyber Monday and are still looking for that special gift for someone. ZHIYUN, the leading gimbal brand for amateur and professional filmmakers with smartphones and cameras has some special Christmas discounts on some of its most popular products.

Gimbal: the perfect gift for anyone with a smartphone or camera

Gimbals are light, compact and durable stablilisers, with smartphone versions, small enough to shove in a rucksack or your pocket to take your videos to the next level. There’s nothing more annoying than reliving sporting events, nights out, holidays, trips or special occasions only to see a blur of shaky unwatchable footage. While camera gimbals are sturdier to support larger cameras for professional users.

Smartphone gimbals

Elevate your smartphone with the latest smartphone gimbals.


Tell better stories with the newest member of the SMOOTH range. With its powerful built-in fill light, SMOOTH 5S offers a simplified way of filmmaking for everyone with a smartphone, day or night. With the classic 3-axis design, you can create inspiring content with no angle limitations. SMOOTH 5S makes you a one-man vlogging crew. Available in white or grey from ZHIYUN or the Amazon store.


This neat little smartphone gimbal has a new design for better grip and easy unfolding. It has a 215mm built-in, extendable rod that allows you to shoot at various angles from a wider background. SMOOTH Q4 comes with a double sided, adjustable magnetic fill light offering you a quick and easy way to get the lighting even in the darkness. Buy it at the ZHIYUN or the Amazon store.

  • Standard: Now £99/$99 USD (original price £119/$119)

  • Combo: Now £119/$119 (original price £149/$149)


Film like a pro with the latest ZHIYUN SMOOTH 5. It makes cinematic smartphone filmmaking possible with its 3-axis design that allows movement through all angles to be amazingly smooth, even at the extremes. Its carefully considered ergonomic controls, high performance motor, professional anti-shake system, and magnetic twin fill lights empower new creative opportunities. Buy it at the ZHIYUN or the Amazon store.

  • Standard: Now £139/$139 (original price £159/$169)

  • Combo: Now £189/$189 (original price £209/$219)

Professional gimbals

For those vlogging and filmmaking pros, ZHIYUN has some professional gimbal deals.

WEEBILL 3: Simplicity Evolved, creation elevated.

Now in its 3rd generation, the A4 sized WEEBILL 3 has evolved and tuned its ergonomics with carefully crafted parts that reduce the carrying effort by 40%. This innovative all-in-one solution provides sound, light and image stabilisation together, setting a new bar for portable, powerful gimbals that makes even complex filmmaking endeavours effortless and simple. Available from the ZHIYUN and Amazon stores.

  • Standard: Now £399/$399  (original price £449/$449)

  • Combo: Now £449/$449  (original price £529/$529)

WEEBILL S: Unleashing possibilities for professional filmmakers

Despite its compact size, the WEEBILL-S easily handles mainstream mirrorless and DSLR camera & lens combos. Its neat, lightweight body and a unique Sling mode allows the WEEBILL-S to offer an effortless shooting experience. Inside, its strong motors feature ZHIYUN’s unique stabilising algorithm. An intelligent ViaTouch 2.0 system as well as an ultra-low latency HD image transmission module, means the WEEBILL-S pushes the limits for boundless filmmaking.

CRANE M3: For Ultra-portable professional handheld filmmaking

The CRANE M3 is a portable, compact and professional camera gimbal. It provides an excellent grip and balance, with an ergonomic array of control panel, buttons, wheels and joystick for full control of the powerful motors that can carry different kinds of cameras and lenses in stable and smooth movements. The two-in-one universal quick release plate makes camera changes during a shoot safe and efficient.

  • Standard: Now £319/ USD 319  (original price £369/$369)

  • Combo: Now £379/ USD 379  (original price £449/$449)

  • Pro:  Now £399 / $399  (original price £649/$549)

ZHIYUN Christmas/Holiday 2022 full discount list:

Learn more about the Smooth Series: https://www.zhiyun-tech.com/en/product/smooths

Smooth Q3

  • Standard: Now £79/79USD ( original price £85/89USD)

  • Combo: Now £99/99USD (original price £105/109USD)

Smooth Q4

  • Standard: Now £99/$99(original price £119/119USD)

  • Combo: Now  £119 /$119 (original price  £149/149USD)

Smooth X

  • Standard: Now £29.99/$29.99 (, original price £60/69.99USD)

  • Package: Now £39.99/$39.99 (, original price £70/79.99USD)

Smooth XS

  • Standard: Now £39.99/39.99USD ( original price £69/74.99USD)

Smooth X2

  • Standard: Now £69/$69 (original price £129/119USD)

  • Combo: Now £89/$89 (original price £159/149USD)

Smooth 5

  • Standard: Now £139/139USD (original price £159/169USD)

  • Combo: Now  £189/189USD (, original price £209/ 219USD)

Learn more about the CRANE series: https://www.zhiyun-tech.com/en/product/cranes


  • Standard: Now £199/199USD (original price £259/269USD)

  • Combo: Now £259 /259USD (original price £329/349USD)


  • Standard: Now £319/319USD (original price £369/369USD)

  • Combo: Now  £379/379USD (original price £449/449USD)

  • Pro: Now £399/399USD (original price £649/549USD)


  • Standard: Now £379/369USD (original price £599/599USD)

  • Combo: Now  £429/419USD (original price £649/649USD)

  • Pro: Now £519/569USD (original price £849/849USD)


  • Standard: Now £559/539USD (original price £769/739USD)

  • Pro: Now £899/799USD (original price £1049/1149USD)

Learn more about the WEEBILL series: https://www.zhiyun-tech.com/en/product/weebills


  • Standard: Now  £399 /399USD (original price £449/449USD)

  • Combo: Now  £449 /449USD (original price £529/529USD)


Learn more about the FIVERAY series: https://www.zhiyun-tech.com/en/product/fiveray

Fiveray 100C

  • Standard: Now £149/149USD (original price £199/199USD)

  • Combo: Now £189/189USD (original price £249/249USD)

Where to Buy

Promotion period: December 1st to December 31st
Available online from: Amazon ZHIYUN and ZHIYUN Store

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