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There has been a bit of debate within the trading community over the profitability of trading binary options. That’s normal given the amount of risk involved in this part of the industry. But the question often comes up, has anyone made money from binary options? In this article, we will discuss whether anyone has made money trading binary options and how they were able to do it.

Has Anyone Made Money From Binary Options Trading?

Yes, many people from around the world with differing levels of skill and experience make money from binary options trading. However, the majority of the people making money from binary options trading are only able to generate a small amount of money on the side. As a beginner, you should expect to make a small portion of the profit on your investments. 

Binary options trading has a considerable amount of risk involved. This has to do with the risk/reward ratio of trading binary options. The odds of you making the right prediction are around 50/50. If you correctly predict the value of your asset, you can make a 65%-85% profit on it. 

But if you’re wrong, you stand to lose your entire investment. But still, some people are able to make the right predictions time and time again. We will go over some of the ways you can make money with binary options. 

How to Make Money With Binary Options?

Choose a Good Broker

Before you move on to the next step, it’s important that you first choose a good broker. A good broker is one that is transparent with their terms and conditions, provides you with a demo account, and gives you a hefty starting bonus. Quotex checks all these boxes. You can learn all about Quotex bonus rules here. Another thing to note is to steer clear of trading platforms not approved by regulatory authorities in your area. This is the best way of avoiding scams and keeping your private information safe from scammers.

Choose the Right Asset to Trade

After you’re done selecting a good broker, you need to choose which asset you’re going to be trading. You can trade in currency bonds, stocks, indices, or even commodities like silver, gold, and oil. Besides, you can choose to trade in different markets at a time but we don’t recommend doing this for a beginner since it takes time to understand different financial markets.

Use Effective Trading Strategies 

Incorporating trading strategies into your trading sessions can greatly improve the odds of you making winning predictions. Many expert traders implement strategies into their trades, which is a big reason behind their success. 

Incorporate Risk Management

A key detail most expert traders forget to mention is that risk management is essential if you want to be successful in trading binary options. You need to keep in mind that if you make a wrong prediction, you lose all of the money you put into that bet. So, it’s important you don’t go all in with all your money on a single deal. Instead, it’s better to risk only 5% of your capital at a time.

Essentially, you want to make sure you’re not risking too much of your investment at a time. This is something most people won’t tell you but it’s essential for success in this industry. 

Use Algorithms and Signals

Binary options trading has advanced since its inception. You can now use technologies and software that were previously not available to ease your trading experience. One of those ways is to use algorithms and signals. Just like there are algorithms for trading cryptocurrencies, you’ll find plenty of algorithms that work for binary options trading as well. 

Algorithms will automatically trade binary options for you when you’re not available based on the conditions you set. This is ideal for when you’re at work or during the night when you’re sleeping. 

Signals are a call to action or a trigger that notify you whenever there’s a suitable time to trade. This is a type of algorithm that is often used in trading all types of financial assets from stocks to cryptos. This is perfect for people too busy to check market trends themselves. You’ll find plenty of signal providers on the internet. Some of the best signal providers for binary options are Signal Hive, Blue Sky Binary, and Signal Push.


It’s common for people to make money with binary options consistently if they implement the steps discussed above. However, you should expect the returns on your investments to be rather small compared to other forms of investments that you can make.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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