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Ethereum is a digital currency, but its primary purpose isn’t to become an alternative monetary system but to facilitate smart contracts and applications via the global virtual machine. You can deploy ETH as a digital currency, an investment, or a store of value, so you have a few different options. The Ethereum blockchain has several real-world applications, impacting various sectors of activity and proving to be a promising solution from a security standpoint, but let’s not forget about its decentralized nature. Chances are you want to know what you can do with your ETH tokens before diving into them, so please continue reading to discover the crypto usability. 

1. Get NFT Tickets 

Even if you’re not a football fan, that’s not a good enough reason not to take part in the fantastic World Cup madness. Christian Eriksen has made a full recovery and will take to the field with the entire world’s support. The last time we saw him at a major tournament was at UEFA EURO 2020, when the Denmark midfielder suffered a cardiac arrest; he was technically dead for a few minutes. The revamped Albiceleste might actually win this time, but it will be Lionel Messi’s last World Cup. The last chance to purchase tickets for the upcoming event has already begun, so you should better hurry. 

The Qatar World Cup 2022 launched its very own NFT collection featuring highlights from the most prestigious international football tournament. If you want to enjoy the very best goals scored by Tim Cahill, Michael Owen, or Jared Borgetti, NFTs are a good investment. For the time being, crypto payments aren’t available for international fans. Still, it’s possible to buy tickets to some sporting events via cryptocurrencies like Ethereum; the tickets are purchased online but only issued via SMS following an identity verification. Resale isn’t possible because NFTs are developed to be non transferable. 

2. Convert Your Ethereum to Cash

One day, you’ll be able to use ETH for any purchase. For now, a couple of businesses accept payment in cryptocurrency. If you can’t pay in Ethereum when you’re at a shop, don’t fret because there are numerous cryptocurrency ATMs active around the world that allow you to convert your coins into domestic currency. Using the ATM implies connecting your wallet, usually via a QR code. Attention must be paid to the fact that some ATMs ensure only one-way transactions, meaning that crypto can’t be sold. Selling Ethereum is simple, so all you must do is scan your wallet QR code, choose how much crypto you want to sell based on the ETH price, and receive cash after the transaction is processed. 

3. Donate To a Noble Cause 

Donating to charity helps others and provides a sense of fulfillment. You give back to the community, which makes you feel happier, stronger, and braver. Who knows? Maybe you’ll encourage others to become more altruistic. Some of the world’s most prominent charitable organizations accept cryptocurrency donations, so put your coins to good use. It doesn’t matter whether you give a little or a lot; what matters is that you’re contributing to a good cause. Donating Ethereum directly to an organization allows you to protect your personal information without incurring high fees. Watch out for charity scams – in other words, cryptocurrency projects claiming to donate the winnings to non-profit organizations. 

4. Shop Online Using Ethereum Tokens

Some online platforms let you use Ethereum to pay for products and services, such as Amazon, Travala, and Ethlance, to name a few. There’s an ever-increasing number of apps and maps that show you which stores accept cryptocurrency. If a store takes ETH, it’s like a credit card to pay for products and services. Just like consumers, merchants have it easier with tokens. All they need to accept cryptocurrency payments is a digital wallet, which eliminates the need for complex and expensive payment processing systems. Transactions are processed immediately, so merchants have quicker access to the funds, representing an attractive feature. 

If you want to use your crypto holdings to fund your online shopping, you can. You can shop at Amazon, but there are some hurdles you must be aware of. To be more precise, the world’s largest online retailer doesn’t accept Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies directly, so converting your coins into fiat currency is necessary. You can buy Amazon gift cards, which can be used to purchase goods and services online; millions of in-store items are redeemable. Even if Amazon doesn’t accept direct cryptocurrency payments, other shops do. For example, Newegg has been accepting cryptocurrencies since 2014, so you can pay directly from your digital wallet. 

5. Become A Lender on DeFi Platforms

Private lending is one of the oldest and most proven forms of investing. You make a profit from what you earn in interest from the borrower; if they fail to repay the loan, you can profit even more. Owing to blockchain technology, peer-to-peer lending has never been simpler. You enlist your coins on a Defi platform for lending purposes, and the borrower takes the loan directly. Smart contracts automatically collect repayments at the agreed interest rates. DeFi lending allows you to become a lender just like a bank, and the interest rates are more lucrative as compared to the ones offered by traditional financial institutions. There are various mechanisms for allocating interest to investors, so pinpoint the right one. 

Final Thoughts 

It’s getting a bit easier to spend Ethereum. Several places accept it as payment if you want to spend your coins directly (know what fees are involved before you jump in). You can make indirect investments by acquiring NFT tickets or donating to charity. The possibilities for safe and effective spending will only multiply as people become more open to the metaverse, so it’s worth looking out for novelties. A hardware wallet is the safest way to store ETH because it’s offline, but it can’t replace good safety practices. Use good passwords, enable two-factor authentication, and keep your private information private.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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