ZHIYUN, a pioneer and world leader in innovative gimbals and stabilisers for cameras and smartphones, has launched the FIVERAY M40 pocket fill light and the FIVERAY F100 stick light. With their launch, ZHIYUN pushes the boundaries of lighting technology and performance to put studio-quality, ultra portable lighting products in the hands of content creators. Used with ZHIYUN handheld gimbals, content creators can access silky-smooth footage with stable and soft lighting, even in dark outdoor settings, thanks to its stay-cool technology.

From 7-8 December 2022, to mark the launch, ZHIYUN is giving readers a buy one get one free offer on all purchases of the FIVERAY F100 and the M40.

Both of the photography and filmmaking tools adopt ZHIYUN’s patented and disruptive DynaVort Cooling System™. Inspired by a panel of expert physicists, its intelligent stay-cool technology applies fluid dynamics and consists of advanced algorithms, controlling fans and a gyroscopic modelling heat sink. By raising the cooling efficiency through intelligent control, its two-way cooling system prevents overheating.

The palm-sized ZHIYUN M40 360° fill light epitomises simplicity and utility. Based on the attitude-control algorithm applied on gimbals, DynaVort technology enables better heat dispersion, allows for smaller fans, and therefore, a compact device without compromising on its 40W power. Products of a similar size currently only give 5-13W of power. Weighing only 320g, it fits neatly in pockets, looks stylish and is the ultra portable illumination companion for videographers, whether amateur or professional.

Yilun Liao, CEO, ZHIYUN, said: “we are passionate about using breakthrough innovations –  whether it’s with our iconic gimbals or our new FIVERAY lighting devices – to simplify and reshape content creation. With several industry firsts under our belts including the M40’s DynaVort Cooling System™, our products offer full creative control and convenience for anyone wanting to experience and express their inner filmmaker.”

The ZHIYUN M40, embedded with 176 LED chips rivals the key lights provided by bulkier products on the market with:

  • Incredible illuminance of 14,000 lux at its peak

  • Adjustable dual colour temperature ranging from 2,700-6,200k and consistent power output peaks at 40W with no strobes providing a stable light source

  • A standard fidelity offering for both photography and videography with CRI reaching 96+ and TLCI reaching 97+*

ZHIYUN’s FIVERAY F100 is the second professional lighting stick in its FIVERAY product range, bringing power, portability and accurate colour rendition in one versatile tool. Weighing just 950g, F100 is designed for one-handed control and comfort, offering a pro lighting solution without the need for complicated set-up or setting adjustment. The lighting tool reaches 20,708 lux at its 100W maximum power. Embedded with 5 times more LED chips, F100 gives you ultra-bright output compared to similar-sized lights. F100 offers six creative lighting effects that help build up the atmosphere easily when inspiration strikes.

For maximum versatility, F100 can be mounted on ZHIYUN’s holder, H stand, tripod and light stand, fitting in various filming settings for lighting solutions and additional accessories, including a diffuser and grid, offer multiple lighting options.

The ZHIYUN F100 is packed with features:

  • One click operation of Hue Saturation Intensity mode via the control dial: HSI Mode. Adjust H-Hue (0-360°), S-Saturation (0-100%) , I- Intensity (0-100%) and experience rich, vibrant colours via the dial.

  • Frosted casing creates a diffused, warm ambience while its groundbreaking structure integrates portability and performance.

  • Professional colour rendition with the RGB increased by 47% from 2700K to 6200K in CCT Mode

Pricing and availability

Available from 23 November 2022.

The ZHIYUN FIVERAY M40 is available for £99/$99/€119 from the ZHIYUN and Amazon store.

The ZHIYUN FIVERAY F100 is available for £249/$249/€299 from the ZHIYUN and Amazon store.

From 7 – 8 December, the F100 and M40 will be available on a buy-one-get-one-free basis from selected channels including Amazon, ZHIYUN Official Store, AliExpress, B&H. Please see this link for more details.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport and Mobile tech. A fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Nokia/Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top ranking,Working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show, Cavan TV and on TRT WORLD. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Security and logisitcs Professional.

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