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The Sony Linkbuds are certainly a strange pair of earbuds when compared to the rest on the market today and it was quite the topic when I had them out in public, People seen them on the table be it out for breakfast or dinner or enjoying a few pints all asked “what the heck are they” and when i said earbuds the response was “no way” so I introduced them all to the new style of earbuds that perhaps was a risky move but for me a good one because you would get bored of the same design and styles that are out there today and you have to give Sony credit for that.

So I have been using these a few weeks and there is many reviews already and we go into more detail in the video review below so be sure to check out where we look at the design and their app and more. The first thing that would spring to mind does the quality of sound get less with a smaller product and the answer for the most part is no, I did find the volume a little on the lower side than I would prefer too but that is my personal choice here.

They lack other features too which I would expect but this is a new move by Sony and a completely new design from the norm so they had to give somewhere, they look like a small polo mint but do not let that put you off on how they fit and stay in your ears because they do both well and never fell out for me but for some others that tried they did, we all have different ears after all.

There is little noise isolation here either however this is the purpose of them I think to allow you to hear your surroundings which for some is a good thing, no ANC which again might be fine for some and I get the point here as these are to allow you listen to music and what is also going on around you so not for everyone considering we have passthrough now on most earbuds today.

When it comes to sound they do a decent job to be fair but again not as loud and I found the bass a bit lacking in comparison to other earbuds from Sony so for bass lovers you might pass on these but  they have their app which can allow you to tweak things a little and their app is decent to be fair. When it comes to an overall audio experience they do fine on highs lows and mids and all that good stuff and if you are watching movies or gaming the audio quality is decent yet you can still hear your surroundings at the same time.

Call quality is actually good but no multipoint connection which for some might be a problem however I do not see these as an earbud you would use in an office environment, given I test mine in both at my office and outside I see these more for those on the go or the gym for example or again those who travel on public transport but with earbuds today you can really use them anywhere you like and people will wear just about anything these days be it for show or just that I have the latest look at me kinda thing like Apple fanboys for example.

The price is where a problem may lie for some with the omitted features mentioned above but Sony has a loyal fanbase and will still buy into it and again to have something different than the rest and these certainly are that..

The Sony Linkbuds are now widely available and check the price in your region or online as they do vary quite a bit. Buy from

Video Review

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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