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Candycords Halo – a unique range of illuminating premium audio cables for modular synths and more – is the hot new audio product from myVolts Ltd. The 2-week Kickstarter campaign kicks runs until 2nd December 2022. Candycords Halo was developed in close collaboration with Toronto-based music and video producer Andrew Huang. “It’s something I feel I will use all the time and I’m sure a lot of other synth nerds would also appreciate!”Andrew Huang

Candycords Halo up close - techbuzzireland
Candycords Halo up close – techbuzzireland

Features and benefits of Candycords Halo include:

Beautifully designed: subtle LED in a metallic lacquered enclosure
Premium connectors: gold-plated with a reassuring snap-crunch on connecting
Unique colours: 7 yummy colours help keep track of gear, including Sunset Peach, Jellybean Purple, and Marshmallow Pink plus Midnight Black

Candycords - Halo techbuzzireland
Candycords Halo – techbuzzireland

Untangleable: bespoke thermoplastic rubber resists tangles, cables coil just right
Hard-wearing: thoughtful cable construction ensures long life
Pleasing finish: matte rubber velvet finish makes Candycords Halo a joy to handle
Different lengths: 15cm, 30cm, 50cm, 80cm and 150cm available, a cable for every situation
Different styles: Curly and straight available, right-angled and straight connectors available
Great for Modular, semi-modular or CV controller keyboard scenarios


Candycord Halo is live on Kickstarter until December 2nd. Prices start at 19 EUR for a pair of Halo Cables. The first run of the product is already manufactured and ready to ship worldwide at campaign end, so backers can buy with full confidence. Visit the Kickstarter campaign at: myVolts Ltd has been solving the power problems of consumers and professionals for well over a decade, has four previously successfully funded and shipped Kickstarter campaigns, and served tens of thousands of happy customers on Amazon, eBay and their own webshop.

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