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Another speaker has landed from Tronsmart and again a portable outdoor one which will suit may folks, given the time of year now this will be favourable more an indoor speaker but if you have an office or marque up well then you are good to go and enjoy the punch this speaker will give you, not as punchy or loud as the Bang Mini but good all the same..

This time around we have access to their app which is great, the bang mini has no access yet but would be nice to see to give you some more control over the EQ but to be fair it is decent out of the box as is and packs a punch with nice bass thrown in and this speaker does give you options to play around some more which you can see below and of course in the video review with audio samples given of course, we dont leave you with stock image reviews with no context.

Design is familiar here with the speaker and generally looks well it is also robust with having a 360 degree sound output it is well built to let those speakers air properly and the speaker can be sat any way once standing on its side, on the top we have a volume wheel and this is also surrounded by a ring that changes colour which adds to the effects and great for home parties and so on and you can impress your guests as it is not just a boring speaker that sits there. There is buttons down the side for easy controls and of course you have the app the enhance the sound which is great.

There is a great punch to the speaker when it comes to sound and will easily fill a room and depending on your music taste and genre you have the app to fine tune it some more so it will work for anyone no matter what music you listen to. Check the video below for sound samples and more and see what you can expect for your money and it is a very affordable speaker that delivers on sound looks and features with added light effects to step things up a bit.


  • SoundPulse Audio.
  • 360° Surround Sound.
  • IPX7 Waterproof.
  • Stereo Pairing.
  • Vibrant LED Modes.
  • Custom Equalizers via App.


Video review 

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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