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When it comes to watches I love them I am a collector and have several smartwatches of my own along with your standard watches, well quite a few and I have only two arms and also two hands but my phone collection is huge too, the same applies to my feet but again I collect highly collectable trainers in the OG colourways  but it is what we do where and it is not unusual to see me wearing two watches at a time which I admit looks silly but hey there is more to be worried about in this day and age and one example is our seniors who this watch is intended for which is a good thing and is a product that is not difficult to use with convoluted menus and so on, Watchovers is a company who caters for seniors and more and you will remember from before with other products that cater for young and old and your pets.

They have launched their new watch the Assure 4G which is in for review and it offers a simple watch for seniors with a simple UI rather than a convoluted mess which the standard smartwatch offers today, this also has some fitness options on board but it is all kept simple even over other offerings out there such as fitness trackers and feature watches which tones down on the fully fledged smartwatch but still OTT for the older generation..

Below is listed the features of the watch and a first look and walk-through of the device and we will have a full review soon and of course if you have any questions as always feel free to ask below and watch out for the full review soon..

• SOS Emergency Alarm • Two Way Voice Communication • Fall Alert with Automatic Calling • GPS Location • GEO-Fence
• Health Monitors • Activity Monitor • Reminders • Alarms • Long Battery Life • Low Battery Alert • Route Recording & Playback
• Watch Finder • Listen Safety Monitor • Remote Camera Photo • Caller Approval • Watch Function • Pre-fitted Sim Card
• Multi-Users • Multi Alert Messaging Methods




By Jim O Brien/CEO

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