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Twelve South, a leading designer of Apple accessories, today introduces the 2nd Generation HoverBar Duo, an adjustable iPad stand that frees a user’s hands so they can do more and create more. Height adjustable with the ability to hold an iPad in infinite positions and angles, the 2nd Gen HoverBar Duo comes with a weighted desktop base as well as an adjustable shelf clamp to suit every iPad setup. Easy to use, it has a QuickSwitch Tab so users can go from the desktop base to shelf clamp in a matter of seconds. The 2nd Gen HoverBar Duo is available now in matte black or matte white for £79.99 from Apple and Amazon.co.uk.

The 2nd Gen HoverBar Duo is a useful stand that’s ideal for both personal and business use. Lifting the iPad camera up to eye level, users can have more natural conversations, showing their best side, whether they’re on a video call with work colleagues or facetiming family and friends. The included iPad clip rotates 360-degrees enabling users to set their iPad or iPhone horizontally or vertically to ensure it captures their best possible angle.


Perfect for use at a desk, in the kitchen or workshop, the 2nd Gen HoverBar Duo is incredibly versatile. Creatives can make use of its flexible arm stand to securely hold an iPad low to the desk, enabling them to capture hands drawing or crafting. Musicians could set the stand on a table for a virtual guitar lesson or on the floor to record the latest TikTok dance moves. It could even be clamped on a workbench to make ‘how to’ videos or positioned under a cabinet, allowing users to follow recipes while cooking rather than propping their iPad up against the olive oil. Portable, sturdy and stable, there are a long list of clever ways to use the 2nd Gen HoverBar Duo.


The sleek 2nd Gen HoverBar Duo puts an iPad into a comfortable viewing position, ideal for those who want to watch the latest Netflix series in bed or while waiting for dinner to cook. The adjustability of the stand also means that users could position their iPad right next to their iMac, external monitor or MacBook to serve as a second, or even third display. Even better, add a wireless keyboard and mouse to create a super comfortable mini desktop setup.

Improving on the original HoverBar Duo, the 2nd Gen combines everything users loved about the flexible stand with the new QuickSwitch Tab that enables users to switch between the desktop base and adjustable shelf clamp in seconds. Moving an iPad and the stand’s flexible arm from the home office to the kitchen has never been easier. Available in black or white, the HoverBar Duo 2nd Gen will suit any desk or home décor. 

 The 2nd Gen HoverBar Duo is available now for £79.99 from Amazon and Apple

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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