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There is considerable hype about bitcoin, and everyone is crazy about this digital currency. The reason is that bitcoin has outstanding potential. You can see a big difference between bitcoin and fiat money. It is exclusive, and that’s why the public appreciates the idea and concept of bitcoin. The subsidiarity of bitcoin styles is further appealing in customers’ eyes. The technology that bitcoin uses is called blockchain, and it is very secure. A dispersed ledger keeps all your info and transaction records safely. Are you wondering how Bitcoin works and how you can invest in it? If so, visit this link to find the answer to your question. 

You keep bitcoin wallets in digital form. All the users store their coins in the digital form of a wallet called an e-wallet. To prevent counterfeiting, a digital key-like signature is required for verifying the transfers. It is also possible to transfer bitcoin by making use of mobile apps. Bitcoin is mined by miners who create them. There are numerous aids that users can attain by using bitcoin. If you are unaware of the features of bitcoin that make it unique, you should continue reading.

Decentralized currency!

The best feature of bitcoin is genuinely its decentralization. You will not believe that there is no central authority that has any power over bitcoin and its world. No one has the authority to manage bitcoin or control this digital money. But in traditional currency, there is a significant role of government. The issues and managing the fiat money. They know everything about you and what you are doing with your money. 

In such cases, bitcoin is a significant investment because it doesn’t involve any central authority. The decentralization of bitcoin brings so many advantages for the people that you cannot attain from traditional money. Today no one is interested in following the protocols of the administration. If you also want to save your money and don’t pay taxes, then you can opt for using bitcoin as means of payment.


It is a known fact that no one can attain the knowledge of how much bitcoin a person has in his account. Since it is personal info, no other person can find out about it. But every transaction you make is visible on the blockchain. People can see the wallet address of the person who makes the transfer and the amount of bitcoin being transferred. So there is no hidden item. It portrays a transparent system in which there is complete transparency. There are many other ways available from which you can manage the info that you want to share on the blockchain. 


The users get a higher level of anonymity when dealing with bitcoin. Furthermore, there is no prerequisite for a little lawful paper for the person’s identification. The chief purpose overdue the augmented privacy level in the bitcoin economy. 

Even government officials cannot know about the person behind the bitcoin wallet address. While in fiat money, you must provide every detail about yourself to avail of the banking services. There is no privacy when you deal with fiat money. But if you start using bitcoin, nobody can discover your individuality. Individuals who prefer higher privacy when dealing with money should try bitcoin. You will get the desired experience while making bitcoin transfers.

Faster and non-repudiable transfers!

If we compare bitcoin to bank transfers, then bitcoin is way faster. This is because it’s elementary to send money from one part to the other part of the world. And that too the whole procedure takes place within few minutes. But if you make the same amount transfer from the bank, it can take days to complete. Moreover, bitcoin is borderless means that in every country, you can make transfers as long as your device is connected to the internet. 

The non-repudiable transfer means that once the transaction takes place, there is no way of reversing the transfer. It is an excellent feature of bitcoin because there is no transfer reversal, so the occurrence of fraud activities is also less while using bitcoin. In addition, the transfer cost you must pay while making the payment is lower in bitcoin than in the fiat money transfer. Therefore, if you consider using bitcoin, you will make a faster transfer with lower charges.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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