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No matter how good your security measures are, you are always at risk of having your business data breached. Whether it is your work, documents or data about your clients or employees, all this valuable information can become someone’s target. And even though you are trying your best to prevent such incidents, sometimes, it is not possible. Therefore, knowing what you should do in such a situation is highly important. It will protect your business, employees and customers at the same time. Here are steps small enterprise owners should take if their business data were breached.

Invest In Tools That Will Reduce The Risk In The Future

Every business should have tools that will minimise the risk of data breaches. You should have software that will protect the computers of your employees, and you need to do your best to protect any data you have on your business, employees and clients. Companies such as SaaS Protection offer cloud storage that will reduce the risk of losing your data from Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. The data will be protected from malicious activity and other harmful elements in three backup points. And if by any chance you lose any data, there will be a higher possibility of their recovery.

Find The Cause And Extent Of The Breach

When your business data gets breached, you need to find the source and determine the extent of the malicious attack. Ideally, you should have in place tools and software that will notify you of any unauthorised log-ins and intrusions. With the information available, you will be able to address the problem as soon as possible and take other steps to prevent a similar incident in the future. You will be able to find out where the attack came from and which files were compromised. Based on the data you find, it will become easier to decide what you need to do next to resolve the issue.

Address The Problem As Soon As You Can

A solution to the problem will heavily depend on which files were attacked and how. However, no matter what you find out, you should immediately notify your IT experts, who know how to deal with data breaches. They will be able to act fast and control any damage. You might also have intrusion prevention systems that might be able to resolve the issue automatically. Nevertheless, you should still have your team involved. You also must remember that you should keep any evidence of the malicious attack that you can for your record and any legalities you might need to deal with.

Inform The Authorities And Anyone Affected By The Breach

In the event of a data breach, it is necessary for you to notify the authorities and anyone who might be affected. If your customers were affected by the malicious attack, you must ensure that they are aware of what happened and what was the extent of the breach. Telling them soon after the attack will give them enough time to protect their identities and take any measures they need. You should also tell the authorities who might be able to give you advice on any regulations you need to comply with.


By Jim O Brien/CEO

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